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I am really disappointed with ABC over this decision. I enjoy watching Grey's Anatomy. Yes, IW made a terrible decision and said horrible things about a cast mate. Yes, others have been fired in the past for saying raciest and sexist remarks. IW did everything that ABC required and I believe that he truly learned his lesson.
IW is one of the few African American leading men on television. He made the character of Dr. Burke interesting, funny, sympathetic and intelligent. Dr. Burke is a leading role on the show. I watch Grey's Anatomy because of the diversity of the characters and the different nuances of the actors. I enjoy IW's portrayal of Dr. Burke and am disappointed to see him and his character leave the show. IW and the other cast members are the added spark that makes the show sizzle.
I believe ABC needs to re-evaluate their position on this matter. I will still watch the show however I disagree with ABC's handling of the IW incident and the Star Jones incident from the VIEW. I believe that without IW on the show it will make the show shallow and soap operaish. ABC is setting the show up for failure without the essential components that made the show a hit in the first place.


And just like his kool-aide drinking fans he puts the blame on everyone but himself.

The cast of GA had resolved their issues. If Washington had kept his mouth shut at the Golden Globes then this probably wouldn't be happening. He brought this entire mess on himself and it's really sad he can't see that because if he hasn't seen it by now he probably never will. And will continue to repeat his bad behavoir.

And stop it with the racist crap. I never saw him as an angry black man, I don't even see him as an angry man. I don't see him as a MAN at all. He's a child who never learned how to play with others and whines and cries when he doesn't get his way. A real man takes responsibility for his actions.


I am tired of all of this since Washington is really not worth the commotion in any way at all. He was a weak link on the show as an actor and as a character and it is good that they were able to realize this and get rid of him for whatever reason. I am sure that he is headed for oblivion now and he will just have to come to terms with it. I am also tired of the whole American Straight Agenda. It is really the downfall of the country. Other countries in the world are enlightened and not constantly bombarded by the mind turds of the bible belt.

Avatar that we've being hearing one side of the story, it's time to hear the other side. This is the reason why IW hadn't been talking - another condition in order to keep his job. I knew there were pieces missing to this puzzle, and those pieces had TR and KH faces on them, but I also knew PD involvement were more than the show was letting on.


i loved burke!!!!!
wont be the same with out him!


I do believe that IW is beating a dead horse. It's unfortunate what has happened...but carrying on like this isn't going to do him much good at this point.
I know this is Hollywood and image is everything..but isn't it enough that IW knows whether he is against gays or not? Isn't it enough that his closest friends know how he truly is? Or is all this fuss b/c he's worried about his rep in the industry. I wouldn't think he needs to worry if he's doing a movie right now...obviously somebody gave him a chance to prove his merit as an actor.
I don't know about TK's role in all of this..but it does seem that the incident occurred when IW and PD were doing a scene together..and that the argument was between the two of them..and did not involve TK.

I mean, really, at this point - is this anything more than crying over spilled milk?

I think everybody just needs to move on. Meaning the cast..not else do we have to do? lol


IW is going to be on Larry King tonight (6/22)....


He has a right to say what went on in his own words. I don't think it's a matter of race either. I think it's a matter of who can spin the story to their advantage.

The shame of it is, that Burke and Christina were the most believable. I will miss IW and I will miss Burke even more on the show. I'm getting tired of the endless sex romps. I'm not a prude by any means, but sometimes I wonder if it's not a bet to have George sleep with all the female characters on the show. Don't know how much longer I'll stay a viewer if it doesn't start making sense.


It's funny because you guys never ever listened to the problem in the first place. When the news story broke out about Washington, it had everything to do with a "tiff" on Grey's set. It had NOTHING to do with Knight; only Washington and Dempsey. Washington clearly did not call Knight the f word. He called Dempsey that word out of anger; not as a homophobic slur. So now the guy is getting punished for being a gay basher when he isn't one. Geez, he even played a gay man in a past movie role. Hell, GAYS are petitioning to get Washington back on Grey's because THEY know he wasn't gay bashing. A GLAAD member even spoke out about how Washington has done more for gays than Knight has ever done pre and post announcement of coming out of the closet.

Knight pulled a b**ch move. He knew he was the weakest character on the show. He pulled a grimy move and used the Washington/Dempsey tiff as a way to get the world on his side. Did any of you grey's fans ever notice Knight had minimal roles on the show up until the Washington/Dempsey tiff? Right after it Knight was suddenly this stud that slept with every hot chick in the hospital, has some big breakdown about his father, and oh no he failed his intern test!

People are starting to see right through Knight. And the fact that he even had the nerve to compare his situation to Ellen's HUGE career strides for gays and lesbians is pure BS. Knight should be kicked out on his butt. Knight knew a black guy would be crucified for any little mistake and he'd come out looking like the poor innocent victim. He cashed in on it. I hope ABC is happy.

And no, I am not black.


By the way at the Golden Globes IW answered a question of a journalist which was not very clear in the noise. Did we ever read what exactly was the question By the way I didn't need to have TR coming out it was obvious from the first epis. OK I admit I have a lot of gay friends and I even know before they do when someone is gay or not. Must be because I fell in love with one when I was oh so very young.

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