"The Other Side of This Life" Forums Live, Open For Reader Comments

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Addison's Big Day
The big day is here.

In tonight's two-hour special, Addison (Kate Walsh) takes leave from Seattle Grace and makes a road trip to L.A. to visit some old friends from med school, while the rest of the surgical team struggles with its own set of problems as the season finale quickly approaches.

Our forum for "The Other Side of This Life" is already open for discussion, thanks to our proactive and loyal readers (we forgive you for misnaming it, don't worry).

Just click here to join the discussion of the episode with fellow fans. Use this forum before, during and after the show!

As usual, we'll have our episode recap, music guide, list of memorable quotes and image gallery up as soon as we can. Enjoy!

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Oh, here is the link I was referring to. What does everyone else think about all of this? http://www.imnotobsessed.com/2...


I am SOOOO worried about the season finale. I can't believe that I am so addicted to this couple and to this show! It will truly break my heart if SHonda breaks Mer/Der up by the end of the season! I will not look forward to the new season if that is what she does. I posted a link on the other guide that I found by accident really, looking at GA spoilers that really didn't tell you anything that we didn't already know until I saw this post. If all of these things happen, I think alot of people will be very upset with the show! Then I think about what Shonda said in her post on the last episode. There was going to be alot of things turned upside down and we might as well get ready for it! I guess what really bothers me is ( ex. Mer and Der) with everything they have been through this season and trying so hard to make things work and we really thought they were getting there....and now....lets break them up....What kinda of crap is that? I mean who saw that coming after the heart wretching epsiodes with Mer drowning and Der crying his eyes out! Sure they needed to talk, but BREAK THEM UP!!!!!!! Give me a break! Doesn't make sense to me! ANd if they do break up, how can they work at the same hospital each day and there not be some type of attraction between them like Season 2 was? I can't go through another season 2 with this couple...wanting them to be together! So, now that I've got this off of my chest.......I am praying that all of these spoilers indicating that they do break up is untrue, but after all of the talk among the spoilers and Shonda's comments , I 'm beginning to feel it coming! I'm kinda preparing myself for the worst! How sad! What a waste of great chemistry between two people that are the heart and soul of the show! I'm sure there are more of you feeling my pain! (ha)


I agree Hafsa he will be so sorry. But i don´t think he will- Because as i said before he know´s how it feels to be cheated & how much it hurys. but in sayin that i´ll be devastated he does cheat on Meredith because i´m a devoted Mer/Der fan. i was SO sad when they broke up but SO happy when they got back together. Their SO cutw together.I think their the cutest couple on greys & tv ever.


did anyone noticed the smile derek gave that brunette at the bar? that is a taboo and abomination!!!! that mcdreamy smille is only meant for meredith. Cheat on her derek and you will be sorry!!!


Hey, Kathy....I think I saw that at Television without Pity, in the forums....her name is Lexi? It might have been at spoilerfix.com, but I'm pretty sure it was TwoP.


I can´t believe & won`t believe that McDreamy would ever cheat on Meredith bcaues he´s know how itfeels to be cheated on & how much it hurts


YUCK! I hate the spin-off idea..it was horrible!


Can somone help me?. I read a spoiler somewhere that said someone close to mer & that brings Mer/Der closer then ever. butwhen Susan died it semed push them further apart. Bcaues you can see in the promo for the next episode McDreamy flirting with aother woman in Joe´s. So my question is does anyone have any idea who eles dies


I almost cried when Susan died. i feel like Grey's is slowly dying, i used to watch it and fall in love every time, it would always make me laugh and cry in the same episode like never before. but now it's just meh. and that spin off fused with the grey's episode BAD idea. i just wanted to watch grey's, i started caring less and less about addison, and i love addison, but everything that was happening was just so cheesy and obvious and just not great. BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL ESSENCE OF GREY'S. it's lacking, shonda needs to focus more on grey's and not on two shows at once.


okay. well. sure shonda had me crying like a little bitch again and feeling as though somebody came and like ripped my heart out of my chest and ran it over with an 18 wheeler. with the whole mer's mom dying. derek walking away...the freaking preview for next week. wow. so i screameddddd..then stopped breathing..and then couldnt breathe. it was sick omg when thatch slapped her i wanted to like tackle him to the ground but seriously. as far as the spin off goes it was kinda hard to remember whos who and who's specialty is what. that might just be me. last night i hated the spin off but then today i was thinkig about it((because thats alll i can ever think about..sad but true))it wasnt necessarily BAD but i was expecting much more greys. isince it was all the Addi show i felt jipped. i feel as though i would watch it. but last night i was like wtf where is my merder greys. I dont think it will reach the Grey;s Level((which is kind of impossible anyway)) but its cute. i like it, i odnt LOVE it, but i'd watch it, as long as it didnt cut into anymore greys time=)

Grey's Anatomy Quotes

Just because we can live without something, it doesn't mean we have to.


Did you say it? 'I love you. I don't ever want to live without you. You changed my life.' Did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work toward it, but every now and then, look around; Drink it in 'cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow."

Meredith (closing voiceover)