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Spoiler Watch: The Season 3 Finale

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This Thursday's episode is entitled "Testing 1-2-3." It's the penultimate episode before the Season 3 finale, which is ominously titled "Didn't We Almost Have It All" and is scheduled for May 17.

Among the potential (and fairly predictable) Grey's Anatomy spoilers floating around regarding the season finale are:

  1. A new Chief of Surgery will be appointed at Seattle Grace.
  2. Jane Doe learns her identity... and learns she's married.
  3. George and Izzie are exposed (also rumored to be happening this week), and he and Callie will make a big decision about their relationship.
  4. The episode will revolve around not only Cristina and Burke's wedding, but our favorite interns' first exam results as well.
  5. One intern will not do nearly as well as they expected.

Let the speculation begin. Do you buy any of this? More importantly, do you think the season will end with a married Burktina? 

Spoiler Watch: The Season 3 Finale

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Am I the only one who does not want George and Izzy together? Does anyone remember Rachael and Joey (Friends)? I just feel like this will not end well. As for the wedding, I think Burke will walk. As usual, can't wait for Thursday!


i'm thinking that mer can't fail because that would be WAAAAY too much drama for her with the whole near-death thing and the whole dead mommies thing and the whole derek thing (etc, etc, etc) izzie is a good possibility, could also be george, probably not cristina but maybe because shes doing wedding stuff instead of studying. hmmmm. it wont be alex. i dont think derek is going to get into it with that woman, i think he is going to shoot her down but i think meredith is going to see them talking ad get the wrong idea. i hope burke and Xtina do get married but probbly not knowing grey's... hopefully its izzie i cant stand her anymore shes such a needy, whiny man-stealer


I really really think mer will fail !
Christina : No not christina ... and all that wedding stuff ... I'd woud be too much if she fails the test!
Alex: He already did ... so no
George: hmmmm ... no
Izzie: Also not because she had all this with the LVAD and standing in front of the hospital .... Derek ... I hope he will not cheat on Mer but I think something like this is going to happen... something bad for mer/der :-(


I hope Burke doesn't walk away...
Cristina is going to fail. She will blame Burke, & yeah he will walk away. But there should be at least one stable couple on the show!!!! That'd be sad if he walked away.


My predictions- 1)Christina fails exams because she is distracted by the wedding stuff
2)Burke walks away DURING the wedding because he sees Christina's doubt
3)Derek tells the girl offering to buy him a drink that he is already in love with someone else
4)Meredith hears this and realizes she needs to give him space
5)George will break Izzie's heart when she tells him that she loves him and he tells her that he loved Callie.


I think burke and cristina will not get married I think burke will call it off. and I think that callie and george will end their so called marriage, they are not really acting like they are married to me. and george and Izzie will start being serious about each other. as for failing the test if anyone is going to fail it will probably be george he has had way to many distractions lately. ie getting married to callie sleeping with Izzie and losing his dad too.


I agree with Moriz, I can definately see this happening: "Derek will be named chief, and he will be too busy & Mer will feel neglected. who's with me on this?"


I heard rumors that Burke leaves Cristina at the alter. (For her sake, I so hope that doesn't happen, that's any girl's nightmare.) I hope Callie tells George she wants a divorce. If she finds out about him and Izzie and stays with him, I'll be so disappointed in her. She's so much stronger than that. I love George and Izzie together and have been waiting for it forever, but I wish they didn't have to screw Callie over in the meantime because I like Callie. I agree with Burke Backer on the intern who always freezes up, the reasons they gave were so true too. But is that too predictable? That's what I'm wondering. What if Meredith failed? Do I think it will happen? No. But it sure would be a shocker. Cristina would be a shocker too since that's really not a Cristina thing to do, she never fails. But if they made her fail, then get left at the alter, I will die for her. Plus, Cristina was the one preforming surgeries by herself when Burke's hands were messed up. I can definately see Alex failing but I think that might be too obvious too, so I'm pretty split on that whole thing. I also heard rumors that next season one of the characters has a baby. I don't know if that means Addison's comes through somehow, or if it means a character that will be on Grey's..


I think, with all the wedding stuff, cristina will fail in her test and she refuse to get married 'cause that is the reason of her failure. and george and callie will break up, finally. and... 'cmon people, why dont let mer and der be happy just for a while? I think the one who its gonna be named "chief" is ...... ..... ..... Derek, well, i hope so.