Pumkin Speaks on Being Bisexual, Flavor Flav and More

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Stop staring at Pumkin nude photos for a minute and pay attention: In a recent interview with Curve magazine, Brooke Thompson (aka Pumkin) talks about life on reality TV shows.

Oh, and what it's like to be attracted to both sexes.

Do you identify as lesbian or bisexual?
I consider myself bisexual. I am attracted to both sexes. Women are beautiful and men are gorgeous. However, I connect more with women. When I kiss guys I just do not feel the same vibe. There is minimal connection.

When did you first think that you might be queer?
In high school I dated guys and was the typical cheerleader who always dated the star football player. But it just never felt right. I had so many guy friends but I never really connected with them. It was when I finally followed my heart that I found true love. She knows who she is.

Has your being in the media spotlight made dating difficult at all?
I think it has been a challenge for the girls I have dated since the show because I do get a lot of attention, mostly from men. It has changed my life in a way because everywhere I go people want pictures or autographs or just to say that I am their idol for spitting in the bitch's face!

Pumkin Speaks on Being Bisexual, Flavor Flav and More
How has coming out changed your life?
I think it has become more challenging. My friends don't care either way, and a few of my family members are cool with it. My mom, on the other hand, hates it. But, at the end of the day, you have to make yourself happy and live your life the way you choose to.

Do you expect it to have any effects on your career?
I don't think so, because before Flavor of Love I was the same person as I am now and I had no problem with appearing completely straight on the show. I hope that is does not hurt my career. Hollywood is so accepting. I do not think they care what you do on your own time as long as you are good at what you do and keep the viewers wanting more.

So do you plan to continue working in reality TV?
I love reality TV... I am what they call a reality TV whore, meaning I audition for everything, not meaning that I'm an actual whore!

Any plans to break into mainstream acting?
I am open to that as my next move. I love reality television, but that's all I know at this point. I would love to branch out into movies eventually, but right now I am just trying to extend this 15 minutes of fame I have been given. Pumkin might remain as a memory, but America has not seen the last of Brooke.

I've read that you never had a deep romantic interest in Flav. Do you think that's true for other contestants on the show as well?
Flav is an amazing person. He is so much fun to be around and has such a positive outlook on life. He is a sweetheart and an all around great person. But tha's where it ended. The difference in our upbringing made it hard for me to understand what he was saying half the time.

Each and every girl on the show had a motive for being on Flavor of Love. Out of the 20 girls, I do think there is one who went there for Flav and only Flav. Whether it be to further a modeling career, or to break out into acting, each of us had our own motive. And there is nothing wrong with that.

What was your prime reason for being on the show?
My motive for doing the show was to make a name for myself, and to have a great time. I am a wild child at heart and enjoy new and exciting experiences. I knew living with Flav would be an experience in itself.

What was the highlight for you?
The highlight for me was making it in the top four with my two girls Goldie and Hoopz! We had so much fun and I think it showed. Unfortunately, America did not get to see all the fun times we had, but the experience in itself was amazing.

Having been on a few shows, how real would you say reality TV actually is? It sounds like a lot of things get manipulated and scripted.
Typically three days worth of footage would be cut and edited into one hour, so you can imagine how much the producers have to cut out. Flavor of Love was definitely not scripted. When I called New York (Tiffany Pollard) a bitch and a transvestite who had her dick tucked between her ball sack, those were my words! And I have no problem owning up to them... I think that all reality shows are about the same. The cast tends to make situations bigger than they actually are in order to make them more appealing to the viewers, but at the same time, those are real tears, real emotions, and sometimes real hearts being broken.

So beyond TV plans, what's next for you? Are you still substitute teaching?
I am no longer able to substitute for the high school kids because it was a huge distraction. A lot of the viewers are high school students and between classes the students would literally pour into my class to get pictures, autographs, or just saw hi. One time, this student made a paper clock, brought me pizza, and walked into my class to propose! It just got a little much for me to handle and the security would have to drive me from my class to the office on golf carts to avoid students at the end of each school day.

How would you describe yourself? Are you different than how you think the media portrays you?
I am the type of person who does not care what people think about me. I am true to myself and if people have a problem with that then they do not have to associate with me. I am a major flirt and I know how to work it. I think the media somewhat portrays [me] as an easy slut, but the people who know me know that is the furthest from the truth. I kissed Flav many times. So what? That does not mean I f-cked him like Miss New York!

One last question: If you were in Flav's position, who would you have chosen?
I would have picked Hoopz. She is not only gorgeous, but she has the personality to go along with it. She also knows how to be romantic and take care of her partner.

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