Pick Up Your Bobblehead Dolls of The Girls Next Door

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Bridget Marquardt
Sorry, dear reader, but you're no Hugh Hefner.

You may be able to see pictures of Holly Madison nude on this site or in the pages of Playboy, but you won't get very close to this beautiful Girl Next Door.

But you can now take home a tiny replica of Hef's number-one gal, along with her pals Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilikinson.

The official site for the E! network offers fans a chance to own a bobblehead doll set of all three girls. Or scroll around and pick out the statue of your favorite girl by herself.

Either way, this is the only opportunity you'll ever have to get (bobble) head from a Playboy centerfold. Don't miss out on it.

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hi hef holly brigette and kendra,and mary who I luv.
I watch your show in australia and it is my all time favourite , I cannot find the bobble dolls of you guys here in aussie. My husband and I everynite at 7pm sit down to watch the girls next door, we laugh, we cry, we think you are great. hef you are such a gentleman and girls you are great, I am turning fifty next year in feb. I always remember 30 years ago having my first baby my brother bought a copy of playboy to me in hospital, I only just finished reading it when one of the interns said can I show to the guys I never saw it again. thanks again for the fabulous show.
ellen sherlock


hi im in new zealand & really want a kendra doll or all 3. can you help me? thanks


Hi there! I want to buy the bobblehead Dolls of the Girls next door for my wife's birthday, can you please let me know how I can get my hands on them. Thank you very much.


I live in Australia and im trying to get all 3 bobblehead dolls and hef any idea how I can get one?


really want bobble girls dolls thank u vm.


Looking for Kendra bobblehead doll