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That was a lot to take in.

On last night's "The Other Side of This Life," the trials of Jane Doe took another disappointing turn, tensions continued to grow between Izzie and George, Cristina went wedding dress shopping (!) and Meredith endured yet another loss (and an inexplicable slap).

But it was almost overshadowed by Addison's road trip to L.A. and the cast of characters she encountered there. We've got all the action from the two-hour event recapped for you - including a list of the new California characters - in our exclusive episode guide.

Our gallery is also up, and we're working on our music guide (let us know if you can help us find any missing songs and lyrics), as well as our list of quotes. We'll be updating throughout the day, so check back often!

Addison and Pete

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You know, even though I thought the scene with Addie and The Quack in the stairwell was kind of hot, it was sort of...played out. Actually, Alex used almost that EXACT line with Izzy when they were first hooking up. She said something about how they could have a conversation, if he wanted to, and he said something, like "Look, I kissed you and I kissed you with tongue, and I plan to do it again and again." Or something like that. I dunno. The LA stuff was okay, but I really don't like it when anything infringes on my Grey's. It felt like a constant interruption.


Thank you Kathy, I still worried, but that give me a little hope!, and, don't worry, I think I'm loosing it too haha
And horneyelevatorsinSGH, if Shonda makes Derek to cheat on Mer, please go to LA and punch her for me because I live in Chile and I can't... lol!


so i agree with CK, i loved greys from episode one but it took out15 episodes for it to get big...probably the wonderfly written into you like a train episode really got them established...and so anyways the spinoff (if it gets picked up) needs some time to unfurl...its supposed to be a much lighter, more sex, comedy side of shonda's production skills...and i will have to fly down to LA..i live in NorCal...and punch shonda if derek does something stupid...i mean callie will barely be able to handle george's adultry, but meredith almost drowned herself, lost her mommy and her fake mommy, temporaily lost her soul mate to his wife, broke her best friends heart by tragically sleeping with him and so on...she will actually do something crazy other than tequila if she doesnt have her knight in shining whatever...and im not sure derek could actually do it since he is sooooo unbelievably in love with her so it would be a little unrealistic if he cheated and it was definitely adele who was on the ground, so about the spinoff kate walsh did absolutely wonderful, i see why shonda gave her her own show...and tim daly equals sexy and mysterious and how he cheeered her up with the great kiss on the stairs...nice makeout session...and mark couldn't come down to LA cuz then he would ruin any chance of addison sleeping with the like 4 possiblities at the wellness center...and amy brenneman's character is inl ove with the character cooper even though she wouldn't kiss him... by the way shonda amazing casting for the spinofff. and i agree with all the responses regarding the spinoff needed to be a full hour after the greys episode, it would have been easier to focus on both. lastly i was at the san fransisco giants game last night where they won 6-2 but anyways there are plasma screen all over the park where the game is on and i was exiting while the game was still going and admist 4 other screens was the encore episode on last night. right in the middle of the games, how random i pretty much freaked out in excitement while dumb were cursing say why the eff is this stuff on but back to my point it was izzie and george in the elevator...how wonderful..so in love ok well thats all im all worn out


Sorry, I think I'm losing it! (ha)
I didn't mean to post my comments TWICE ABOVE, but my computer didn't show THAT MY FIRST comment posted at all until I posted it again! Sorry!


Mafis - (trying to solve our concerns about the girl in the bar)
I did look at the TV section @ Yahoo and checked out GA from there. I then clicked on cast and crew for the upcoming epsiode and it only list the chiefs wife as a guest star (From what I could tell by tivoing the show on Thurday night, the woman on the floor is Adele from the previews. Thats when the chiref was yelling for help!) and I did't see anyone elses name listed unless it hasn't been completed yet. Not sure if that means that whomever the girl is in the bar, really isn't considered a guest star and will not have a part big enough to matter! (just trying to convince myself) (ha). SO Derek better back off and leave that bar and find Meredith before she finds him first! THen he would really be in big trouble!! (Thats probably what will happen and then here we go again!)
I did see a good pic of Patrick filiming his new movie yesterday and he was looking mighty fine!
Link below!


I agree with Justin 100%. To me the spin off was a complete bomb. I really think it may not have been as bad if it had been presented as a pilot and not taken away screen time from the characters we love on Greys. I just wanted to fast forward everything in LA and move on to the Seattle stuff. I was dying for a glimpse of Burke and Cristina, Derek and Meredith, even Izzie or George or Callie. Much as I like Addison, I wanted her with Alex or Mark or chatting with Callie. To Kathy, Ausiello on TVguide and Kristen on Eonline (owned by abc, by the way) have both said that the National Inquirer story that you read on the website that you provided a link for above is complete bunk. Both TR and Isaiah's representative have said publically that they will be back for season 4. So it is highly unlikely that they will be leaving, although nothing is guaranteed, I suppose. I just hope that Shonda leaves all of us in a good place for the summer. I think Derek and Meredith will find a way to get through these doubts before the summer hiatus. I hope that Burke and Cristina get married in the finale even if it is not in the church the way Burke and the mamas have planned it. All of the doubts that they have had are normal for a bride and groom. She worries that she is giving up to much of herself, but loves him so she is ready to do it. He worries that he won't be able to make her happy, but he loves her and I can't imagine him walking away from her. I do think there will be resolution to the George/Callie/Izzie thing. I'm not sure what we are going to have to go through before the end of season 3, but I think Shonda will not leave all of us in a bad place or we just might not stick around for season 4.


Mer's half sister?, Lexie?, but that girl is younger than Mer, she is in Med School, remember?
She can't be Mer's half sister!, even if I have this hateful feeleng that she realy IS Lexie, and if she is... OMG! poor Mer!!


I did look under tv on yahoo and clicked on GA and then looked up next episode. You can then click on crew and cast and I don't see another name other than the chiefs wife as a guest on the upcoming show, unless it has not been completely updated yet. Not sure where else to look. Someone else commented they read somewhere where the girl in the bar is Mer half sister????? Saw a few good pics of Patrick with his new movie he was working on yesterday. http://justjared.buzznet.com/ http://justjared.buzznet.com/


OMG! I'm super worried about MerDer!! :-(
We need to know if the McSlutty girl in the bar from the promo have a contract with the series for some episodes, because that could answer our questions
You know what I mean?, If she have a contract as guest star for the last episodes of S3 and some episodes in S4 maybe the whole "Derek ehit another woman thing" is hapening!
We need news about it!!, so we can solve our doubts!
BTW I hate Shonda for makes us hate our McDreamy :-(


it cant be!!!


Grey's Anatomy Quotes

Did you say it? 'I love you. I don't ever want to live without you. You changed my life.' Did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work toward it, but every now and then, look around; Drink it in 'cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow."

Meredith (closing voiceover)

Burke was- He took something from me. He took little pieces of me, little pieces over time, so small I didn't even notice, you know? He wanted me to be something I wasn't, and I made myself into what he wanted. One day I was me Cristina Yang, and then suddenly I was lying for him, and jeopardizing my career, and agreeing to be married and wearing a ring, and being a bride. Until I was standing there in a wedding dress with no eyebrows, and I wasn't Cristina Yang anymore. And even then, I would've married him. I would have. I lost myself for a long time. And now that I'm finally me again, I can't. I love you. I love you more than I loved Burke. I love you. And that scares the crap out of me because when you asked me to ignore Teddy's page, you took a piece of me, and I let you. And that will never happen again.