Andy Baldwin, Tessa Horst Discuss Their Love, Future Plans

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Andy Baldwin, Tessa Horst
He's not an Italian prince, heir to a big tire company's fortune or a mediocre football player like the men who came before him.

Still, Andy Baldwin proved to be a knight in shining armor on the season finale as he knelt down and offered up a 2-carat diamond to his lovely leading lady, Tessa Horst.

During a press tour to celebrate their love, Baldwin - a Naval doctor - and his bride-to-be spoke with Us Weekly about what they've learned since he dispatched Bevin Powers and chose Tessa on The Bachelor, as well as what's next on tap for the happy pair.

Us Weekly: Congratulations! You both must be so thrilled after having to keep your relationship a secret since the show wrapped in March. What do you have planned now that America knows that you are in love and engaged?
Andy Baldwin: We've been walking around New York and I've been screaming it at the top of my lungs! It's not a secret any longer! We finished the show two months ago and to have to watch it all over again and it's been really hard - especially on Tessa - to have all that drudged up.
Tessa Horst: It's a huge relief to have it over. It's been great moving forward with Andy since the show's been wrapping, but it was hard that everyone around us was watching it as if it was present. We're really excited to move forward from here.

Us Weekly: You no doubt learned quite a bit about each other during the course of the show, but what have you learned about each other since?
Andy Baldwin: We've learned a lot! [Laughs] We've seen each other four times and talked to each other over the phone [while the show was airing]. We've definitely commented how much better we know each other now than we did at the end of the show. The risk we took in getting engaged is getting better and better. There are some things Tessa has found out about me...
Tessa Horst: Andy snores! [Laughs] He wakes up at 5 a.m. every morning, as if that's a normal time to get up and start your day!
Andy Baldwin: Tessa's a good cook! [Pause] And she sweats a lot from her armpits! [Laughs]

Us Weekly: Andy, last time we spoke, you told me you were anxious to find a new workout buddy to jog and watch Hawaiian sunsets with. Have you been home to Hawaii yet?
Andy Baldwin: I was back at home in Hawaii the day we finished filming and back to work the next day in my uniform taking care of my guys. I've done a few media trips back and forth, but I'm really excited to welcome Tessa back. We're going home this Friday for Memorial Day weekend and plan to give her a big aloha welcome!

Us Weekly: Lastly, what will make your reality TV romance work when previous reality couples' romances fizzled?
Andy Baldwin: We've found true love. We're real people and that's what it comes down to. We're very optimistic and more in love now than ever. That's such a great feeling!
Tessa Horst: We were realistic going through the process and there were few surprises. I felt by the time the show wrapped that I knew who Andy was and he knew who I was. That wasn't going to change.

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First and foremost, I am a disabled veteran who totally enjoyed watching reality T.V. featuring a military person on a top rated show. I was so happy Andy chose Tessa for a couple of reasons. One Tessa was more reserved and did not throw herself all over Andy like some of the women did. The other reason would be that she did not pretend to be so totally in love with someone that she just met. I find that a bit hard to believe that anyone could fall in love not knowing anything about the other person. Hell, some of those girls were in love in a day....Hello!!! Tessa was very reserved and carried herself in such a classy and sophisticated manner. I can't blame Andy for talking her into staying and finding himself working really hard to win her. Had Tessa acted and said the words Andy wanted to hear from her from Day 1, the show would have been One other thing was the collage. For someone to take all that time to make something so special speaks a lot. Anyone can buy a watch but not everyone would take the time to collect momentos of your every date and then make something meaningful out of it. I really think that is what sealed Tessa's faith.
Bevin on the other hand to me was dishonest. She waited until Andy felt a little something for her before she divulged that she was a divorcee. She was always throwing herself at Andy and using her sexuality to win him. She even stated that on their last night. All I heard when they were together was the chemistry, well if there is nothing else but that, then it usually doesn't work because all the excitement fizzles after a while and what do you have...NOTHING! I think Andy realized that towards the end. At first, he was just acting like any normal man would then later on, he woke up and knew there is more to a relationship than sex.
Andy, is the lucky one! He now is engaged to the cream of the crop. Is he worth it? We'll just have to wait and see. I felt that for most part, Andy made some of those women think they were the one. The last 3, Danielle, Bevin and Tessa. Then he also made Bevin think that she was the front runner when in fact he was hanging on to her only until he knew that how Tessa really felt. That too was a bit dishonest of him too. Count your lucky stars Andy that you ended up with the best cuz the way your were playing with some of those women's emotions could have back fired and bit you in the B.U.T.T.
Lastly, Hawaii is the real thing with real people, real lives and real jobs trying to make it in a real world just like the rest of us. I have been there several times and have totally enjoyed my stay. It is a beautiful place with beautiful people!


Congratulations to both of you!!! Like many others, I too had picked Tessa out the first night as 'the one'. You both stayed so true to yourselves and it showed throughout the series. I can imagine that it was tough watching the final episodes when it came down to the last 3 or 2 - the way Andy was with Bevin and Danielle - but you have to remember that you know this is a possibility and the way the show is when you sign up for it in the beginning. It is something that is to be expected. I can understand how Andy could develop such strong feelings for Tessa and Bevin - I just felt Bevin was too needy and emotional. Tessa is the one!!! I wish you both a lifetime of happiness! (And Hawaii is the 'real world' - I've been there and done the Navy wife role also)


Hawii as it's portrayed on tv may not be "reality",but for those of us who live here Hawaii is definitely "the real world"...i've never flown over a waterfall or volcano in a helicopter...I shop for groceries, work and pay bills....there are a lot of real people living real lives here. I'm sure Andy and Tessa will also once the camera stop rolling.


I am so happy Andy picked Tessa. I felt Bevin was too "open" and felt it's came on way too much to him. Nothing like getting to know someone before being so touchy... and she wasn't too honest either.
Tessa is cute,educated and seems very sweet. I think they have a lot more in common than he did with Bevin.
I wish them both the best.
Hope they have a long and happy marriage and enjoy marriage and parenthood.


I am so happy that Andy choose Tessa altho I have some reservations that warrants a second look at the whole situation. Will it last down the road. Remember romance blooms in Hawaii and that really is not the real world either. Will Tessa wake up one morning and find the bloom gone. Will Andy realize that Tessa is really not the one for him, good cook or not. Am I old fashioned or what that the women of today are sleeping with their guys before marriage. What if there is a gave your virginity away on a flim flam. Remember what i said ...Hawaii is not the real world either.


Congrats, you two!! This is the first season my wife and I watched the show and I picked Tessa from the start because she had the qualities I would have wanted. As the show progressed it was clear it was what you wanted also. The world is still looking for genuine, caring, honest men and classy, reserved, confident women who know the value of true love and are willing to let romance build. She is your queen, always treat her that way. And Tessa, he is your King, always honor him. We are looking forward to hearing more about your success in the future.


Congratulations Tessa and Andy. Tessa, forgive Andy for his openness with Bevin, Danielle and others. To have a real chance to find a mate, he HAD to jump in the deep end and open himself up. Because of this, of course, he developed serious feelings and love for more than one and he will have to "detox". Do not worry about jumping into the Navy wife role. I did it in 1972 - knew nothing about the military life and ended up 8 years in Hawaii. My two youngest were born there. I really loved it and my husband enjoyed showing me the ropes. I met him in San Diego in Feb, married him in June, was pregnant in August, moved to HI the next Dec with a baby.You WILL NOT lose yourself - I went to the U of H while there and continued my studies. Best Wishes!


I worry about Tessa. Andy telling Bevin he loved her and will always love her and what's up with all the leg rubbing and hugging. DANGER DANGER Tessa. I believe he only picked Tessa because of Bevin's religious beliefs, and her divorce. Yes Bevin 'played' Andy, by using sex, instead of being upfront and honest from the beginning. BUT I STILL SAY TO TESSA DANGER DANGER = Andy is not through with Bevin. Anday better hurry I think Bevin is going to be the next BACHELORETTE. I don't see a wedding in the future.


Oh my God..I was so addicted to both of you..And i am still addicted now & I don't know when it will end...Tessa..i was rooting for her from the very beginning..Good that Andy chose her..You are so good for each other..i can sense it...May you have a blessed union someday..Please get married soon..