Andy Baldwin, Tessa Horst Discuss Their Love, Future Plans

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Andy Baldwin, Tessa Horst
He's not an Italian prince, heir to a big tire company's fortune or a mediocre football player like the men who came before him.

Still, Andy Baldwin proved to be a knight in shining armor on the season finale as he knelt down and offered up a 2-carat diamond to his lovely leading lady, Tessa Horst.

During a press tour to celebrate their love, Baldwin - a Naval doctor - and his bride-to-be spoke with Us Weekly about what they've learned since he dispatched Bevin Powers and chose Tessa on The Bachelor, as well as what's next on tap for the happy pair.

Us Weekly: Congratulations! You both must be so thrilled after having to keep your relationship a secret since the show wrapped in March. What do you have planned now that America knows that you are in love and engaged?
Andy Baldwin: We've been walking around New York and I've been screaming it at the top of my lungs! It's not a secret any longer! We finished the show two months ago and to have to watch it all over again and it's been really hard - especially on Tessa - to have all that drudged up.
Tessa Horst: It's a huge relief to have it over. It's been great moving forward with Andy since the show's been wrapping, but it was hard that everyone around us was watching it as if it was present. We're really excited to move forward from here.

Us Weekly: You no doubt learned quite a bit about each other during the course of the show, but what have you learned about each other since?
Andy Baldwin: We've learned a lot! [Laughs] We've seen each other four times and talked to each other over the phone [while the show was airing]. We've definitely commented how much better we know each other now than we did at the end of the show. The risk we took in getting engaged is getting better and better. There are some things Tessa has found out about me...
Tessa Horst: Andy snores! [Laughs] He wakes up at 5 a.m. every morning, as if that's a normal time to get up and start your day!
Andy Baldwin: Tessa's a good cook! [Pause] And she sweats a lot from her armpits! [Laughs]

Us Weekly: Andy, last time we spoke, you told me you were anxious to find a new workout buddy to jog and watch Hawaiian sunsets with. Have you been home to Hawaii yet?
Andy Baldwin: I was back at home in Hawaii the day we finished filming and back to work the next day in my uniform taking care of my guys. I've done a few media trips back and forth, but I'm really excited to welcome Tessa back. We're going home this Friday for Memorial Day weekend and plan to give her a big aloha welcome!

Us Weekly: Lastly, what will make your reality TV romance work when previous reality couples' romances fizzled?
Andy Baldwin: We've found true love. We're real people and that's what it comes down to. We're very optimistic and more in love now than ever. That's such a great feeling!
Tessa Horst: We were realistic going through the process and there were few surprises. I felt by the time the show wrapped that I knew who Andy was and he knew who I was. That wasn't going to change.

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