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"Time After Time" Episode Recap, Music Guide, Quotes & Image Gallery Live

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Our history defines us. Time after time after time. But sometimes the best (and most important) history is right now. So says Meredith Grey, and Thursday's all-new Grey's Anatomy showed how wise she can be.

Check out our episode guide to "Time After Time," and discuss the show with fellow viewers in our forums. How do you feel about Christina and Burke, the battle for Chief, or the drama surrounding Jane Doe (or is it Shannon Marie)? And are George and Izzie falling in love? Let us know what you think.

We've also posted our music guide to the episode, including lyrics from five of the six selections. Our complete song listing also tells you when the song is played. We are underway on our image gallery and list of memorable quotes from Thursday as well. Hope you enjoy!

"Time After Time" Episode Recap, Music Guide, Quotes & Image Gallery Live

Hope you enjoyed the show's return as much as we did. We'll have more quotes, pics and content coming throughout the day and weekend.

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Goodbye Bruekstina!!!! The wedding will be a disaster!!!


I don't see it as doubting herself, she was thinking about the person she use to be. The person Colin was taking about is gone; she's not that person who feels in order to be the best surgeon, that's the only think she can have in her life, but I understand you feeling that way. As you and I know, its not the first time it apppeared that the relationship would end. With everything they've been through, and all the close encounters of an ending, I've never had any doubts that they would stay together, and I still don't.


If it happens, I hope before. It's cheap the runaway bride. But they are clearly doomed. Even if Cristina has grown, her look in the end means that she fears this change and putting her in that ugly dress will be the end.
Derek was a jerk, but after this storm, he will be again by Meredith's side. I am disappointed because George has already chosen Izzie.


MJ, Cristina isn't the same person, but Colin made her doubts her choice and even Shonda recognizes that his words are ominous. So the big wedding will make her realize she is losing herself and she will dump Burke, before or during.


Burke and Cristina are stronger than ever. Everything Collin said about not being the same person is true. She's not that person who only wants surgeries to be a part of of life; she wants the man that loves her, too. She's not the selfish, uncaring person she was with Colin; she's a human being now that cares about her friends, and the most important thing in her life-Burke. Collin was a negative force and a bad influence on Crisinta. He played a part in her being selfish and uncaring. He didn't put doubts in her, she was just thinking of that person she use to me.


Last Night Was Great!! One of the best shows yet!! Here is what I think: George and Izzie will remain friends, not lovers, Christina will become self involved again and lose Burk, Callie will become pregnant, Derek and Meredith will make it through Derek's selfishness, the Chief will not step down and finally get a girlfriend, Addison and Alex will finally do the nasty, and Mark,well, I like him the way he is. He makes the show fun! But, you know what, Bailey may end up being the new chief! That would be great!! Have I left anyone out??


Sloane as The Chief's wingman. Best. Plot. Ever.


I was so happy with last night's episode. Except for Izzie, who had a justifiable reason to be weepy, the other characters were feeling stronger, more in control. McDreamy got some spine back which had been kinda lacking in all the "best boyfriend ever" era. George got it together some, and even Mer was not a walking shambles. And Cristina's strategy was fun to watch. Good times.


I think Burkestina is ready for marriage, but clearly they won't make it. I am very sorry for this.


I love my MerDer moments and he will choose Meredith over being chief. I am becoming more convienced that Richard will not step down. What bothers me is how he talks about Derek's relationship with Meredith. Richard is doing the same thing he is just going about it different. He's letting it cloud his judgement about Derek because he promised Ellis he would look after Meredith. He may have had feelings for Ellis but he didn't have a relationship with Meredith anymore than her father did. I would have issues with the fact that people are trying to pertect me when they were not around before to do it. I see more of that George and Izzy bestfriends relationship coming back than a lovers one. He is going to have a hard time trying to balance Callie and Izzy and I don't think he should even try at this point he's making nothing but a mess for himself. As much as I like Burke and Cristina they are not ready for marriage at this point so I don't know why they are really trying. I don't want this to turn out to be where one leaves the other standing at the alter I hate those kind of scene's. I like the way Bailey was there for Izzy and Derek she will help when you need it and tell what she thinks if it's something stupid. Lastly it broke my heart when Alex and Jane Doe had their first fight. Alex doesn't want to let go and it has to be getting frustrating not being able to remember and having no one to claim you. This has become one of my favorite storylines this season.