Spoiler Watch: Addisex in Full Effect?

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Major. Spoiler. Alert.

Read at your own risk.

Remember how we told you - via Michael Ausiello of TV Guide - that Grey's Anatomy decided to put the kibosh on Addisex due to the impending spin-off series?

Well, it appears either Shonda Rhimes had a change of heart or the insider was given inaccurate intelligence, because Ausiello reports that the two of them are definitely going to hook up again before she leaves for L.A.!

In fact, rumor has it that it's her affair with Alex (Justin Chambers) that prompts Addison (Kate Walsh) to flee Seattle - not just her rift with Mark (Eric Dane), as was originally reported.

Also not helping matters, though, is McSteamy's "failure" to stick to his 60-day vow of chastity. Why does our TV Guide source I put "failure" in quotes, you ask? Because of a twist (and a surprising one at that)!

Moreover, Addison won't be the only Seattle Grace doc who is considering a change of scenery in the coming weeks, inside sources say.

All the drama surrounding O'Mizzie will prompt George (T.R. Knight) to consider transferring to another hospital as well.

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a few of them have been right lately. lets just hope nothing really bad happens. we'll just have to wait it out, hopefully they'll give us a good promo tonight.


How many times have the spoilers been correct I wonder!!! 15%, 20% or more???


GEORGE CAN'T LEAVE!! I LOVE him! If he leaves, I'm writing to Shonda and I'm gonna bitch her out for getting rid of George!


ooooooohhhhh!!! YAY for Addex!!! :) shonda loves me LOL


I have been so much happier when I read a few weeks ago from some of those spoilers that Mer/Der would still be together at the end of the season and they would remain together for a long time to come. They naturally still have alot going on since Mer's drowning incident and I'm hoping they will work all of this out together! The spoilers also said Mer would lose someone near and dear to her (step Mom) I think, and this would draw Mer/Der closer together and it would make things further apart with her Dad. Then today I read where Mer and Der are questioning their relationship (which I understand, since they still haven't dealt with her drowning) and are not on solid ground yet. I hope all of this isn't anything for us MER/DER FANS to worry about!!!!!! I'm hoping that they are going through some things that we know they need to go through to deal with everything that has happened! I'm thinking the SPOILERS are throwing us off thinking something negative is going to happen to Mer/Der when I really don't thnk it will! I pray not anyway!
I certainly don't think Der will be the one to slap Mer...I think maybe George or even her Dad...not McDreamy...he loves her! Wouldn't it be really cool when Cristina and Burke get married (if they really do)?? that Mer/Der actually are the ones to tie the knot???That would be a good cliff-hanger.......
Can't wait until tomorrow nite!


finally, some sex...(well what I expect to happen)
And I heard that the whole Meredith getting slapper at the ned of the season is a HE.
And all those merder fans not going strong, other spoilers have said they hit some more bumps(again =/) so lets keep our fingers crossed and hopes high.


OMG! What is with the producers and writing off all the main characters????? What the hell!? GEORGE HAS TO STAY!!!!!!!


I love george!!! hes my favorite! But im guessing he wont go - esp after all the effort his publicist went thru convincing us he will stay (after the golden globes thing...). my prediction is that george will make a dramatic situation, thinking about leaving...but ultimately callie will leave. I mean, its obvious theres nothing btw her and george nemore, and i think shell realize that too. And if addison leaves, she really has nobody other than george - so she might just leave. I like callie, but if it was btw her and george i would want george to stay!!


if george leaves, i will die. no joke, he is my all time favorite character, since forever!! gizzie is kinda ick, however....
eeeeee!!! i love addisex and i'm kinda psyched!! but i wonder what mark's failure is... i can't see him just randomly screwing up and sleeping w/ someone...


Don't worry about Meredith sleeping with Mark. I don't think thats going to happen. Meredith and Derek will be going strong for a good, long while. The death of someone very close to Meredith brings MerDer closer together-and tears her apart (again) from her father. (Source: Kristin EOnline) I smiled when i read that =] They're taking a new route with mer. instead of sleeping with random people (except derek). People are dying on her. I'd rather have people die than see MerDer split...ok that sounds bad but its TRUE! i don't want george to leave =[ and i do think this episode is April 19th =] also it says "failure"...could that possibly mean that mark actually DIDN'T fail but Addison thinks he did? Just a thought to ponder....

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