Spoiler Watch: Addisex in Full Effect?

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Major. Spoiler. Alert.

Read at your own risk.

Remember how we told you - via Michael Ausiello of TV Guide - that Grey's Anatomy decided to put the kibosh on Addisex due to the impending spin-off series?

Well, it appears either Shonda Rhimes had a change of heart or the insider was given inaccurate intelligence, because Ausiello reports that the two of them are definitely going to hook up again before she leaves for L.A.!

In fact, rumor has it that it's her affair with Alex (Justin Chambers) that prompts Addison (Kate Walsh) to flee Seattle - not just her rift with Mark (Eric Dane), as was originally reported.

Also not helping matters, though, is McSteamy's "failure" to stick to his 60-day vow of chastity. Why does our TV Guide source I put "failure" in quotes, you ask? Because of a twist (and a surprising one at that)!

Moreover, Addison won't be the only Seattle Grace doc who is considering a change of scenery in the coming weeks, inside sources say.

All the drama surrounding O'Mizzie will prompt George (T.R. Knight) to consider transferring to another hospital as well.

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