Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag Speak Out, Deny Rumors... Again

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The bombshell revelation that The Hills star Lauren Conrad, a.k.a. "LC," and her ex-beau, fellow Laguna Beach alum, Jason Wahler, might have filmed a secret sex tape shook the reality TV world by storm.

So Much Love

When rumors around the Internets started swirling April 5, there was enough drama to fill a whole season of The Hills. Which makes you think it was staged. Although Lauren Conrad was real upset.

Last weekend, we brought you an exclusive interview with Lauren's former BFF, Heidi Montag, and her boyfriend, Spencer Pratt, both of whom she alleges were responsible for the false rumor.

This morning, Us Weekly has an interview with Pratt and Montag, in which they further discuss their relationship and the sex tape scandal.

Us: Lauren told us you didn't contact her after news broke about the tape. Your take?

Heidi Montag: "It's astonishing that she would say that. I guess she forgot that I was in the hospital that week [Heidi Montag got breast implants and rhinoplasty on April 2.] Maybe that would explain why she didn't call to see how I was doing."

Us: So is there a sex tape?

Heidi Montag: "No comment."

Us: Did you two leak the story?

Heidi Montag: "It's amusing to me that because I didn't call Lauren, I am behind the leak. It's outrageous and inappropriate. I have nothing to do with the tape."

Us: Spencer, did Lauren's split from your pal Brody Jenner makes things tricky?

Spencer Pratt: "Lauren Conrad couldn't get into clubs before she met us! We were her ticket to Hollywood. As soon as the double dating stopped, she was out. She has trouble being the third wheel. That's what she was when Brody didn't want to keep seeing her."

THG NOTE: Those be fightin' words. Don't talk smack about LC. Spencer, if you want to throw down, name the time and place and the Scoop staff will show up.

Us: What is your relationship really like?

Heidi Montag: "Perfect. We have so much fun. I never knew I could love someone like this."

Spencer Pratt: "I have never been so madly in love as I am with Heidi Montag. She has the world's greatest boyfriend!"

OMFG. Someone kill us know. We can't go on. Pick up the most recent issue of the magazine to read more... if you haven't already gouged your eyes out with a spoon after reading Spencer's last answer.

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Ya Ya Ya I think spencer is a Big Joto .. hahahaah .. he is such a loser it makes me sick to my stomache seein how that F*cker has all this wealth an doesnt do a damn thing but club an party. If he was a real man He'd be taking that dumn b*tch on trips or sumn not to some cheap ass club to get drunk an Go bak home to bone.. An to be honest Heidi is just as bad, For f*ckin her friends over, i bet that tramp has a sex tape it just aint out yet.. hahaha. That skank needs more then a nose job. Funny how she talks shit about lauren but look @ her.. i dont see lauren in the news flaunting her titties to the world. an ol spencer needs an acid wash to scrub all that ugly off his face, i think we all can agree on that atleast......


What a friend you are...Didnt you eer hear of the phrase??? Do unto others the way you want them to do unto you??? Obviously not! Well, in years to come when you are sitting with a slimy boyfriend/husband and have NO friends...think abuot the friend you sold out for a gold outdated rope chain wearing ,ugly weasel and a little press...NICE US ARTICLE...it made me dislike you more than I did before.


I can't believe that someone has actually given birth to the devil! Spencer was, is and always will be the lowest from of human being around. Heidi, god bless her, was born not only 1 egg short of a dozen but half a dozen to think that this a-hole actually has a compassionate bone in his body! Did she NOT review the tapes of THE HILLS? Does she not realize how much she is being played and how sad and lonely her life is going to be when her world crashes down around her. I only hope that Spencer will ride off into the sunset never to be seen heard or smelled again!


If those 2 ever have a child they should name it Chinny.


Spencer needs to look in the mirror and realize that he is nothing. No one knew who he was until The Hills. and as for Heidi she needs to crawl under that hole she came from. Get your money back B*tch, you're still flat chested and you still look like big bird.


Spencer is a woderful guy and smart enough to weasle his way into some Hollywood money by dooping the masses as evidenced by all of the concern shown by you nobodies in forums such as this one... Heidi is a nice girl. Get a life and be passionate about something that makes you feel successful inside.


Ps. I always thought that Spencer looked like a "ghetto wannabe" Napoleon Dynamite. :-P Once again, I think it goes back to the teeth. haha


There's nothing like a backstabbing best friend with a dumba$$, ugly, egotistical boyfriend to brainwash her. :) I don't know how he got so egotistical either. lol What does he have that the local dirt bag doesn't? Oh, that's right, messed up teeth the size of horse teeth. *shrugs* haha


screw the geico character. compare his face to a ken doll...it's uncanny. Spencer is full of s*^%, LC was his ticket to his lousy 15 min of fame. I feel sorry for him, the loser honestly believes his own hype.


After the way Heidi treated Lauren in season 2 she deservers an idiot boyfriend like Spencer. In a way those two deserve each other. GOOD LUCK. P.S. I heard Spencer was the one who wasn't allowed in any clubs in LA. But he's saying he was the one that got Lauren in??