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Previews For All-New "Time After Time"

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Finally. Grey's Anatomy returns Thursday night with an all new episode, entitled "Time After Time." In anticipation of this event - the long-awaited end of repeats for the rest of Season 3 - here's a preview and a bonus clip from the episode.

First, the 30-second version, which shows Meredith and Derek questioning their future together, and Cristina resolving to do whatever it takes to fight for her relationship with Preston - despite her past...


Here's an extended, 90-second clip from the episode, in which more of the tension between George and Izzie is revealed.. as is the shocking arrival of Izzie's daughter arrives at Seattle Grace...


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Being an avid Grey's Anatomy fan, I own both season 1 and 2 on DVD and watched them for the 5th time over school vacation this week, and I am positive that there is no little girl named Hannah that ever appeared in any episode. I also looked up who the father was in that clip, his name is Tim Hopper. And if you go to and look him up you will see that he has never appeared in an episode of Grey's Anatomy before. Call me crazy but I don't think Hannah is going to be someone we've already seen on the show.


I hope that Derek doesn't make another horrible mistake. They've come so far since the whole Addison incident. It would break my heart if McDreamy broke Meredith's heart. But i'm totally stoked that there is a new episode!!!!


For you who think you've seen hannah's parents before, you're not crazy, there's been a rumor about how izzie's daughter is someone that has already appear in a previous episode, so we'll just have to wait to see who she is.


omg i am so excited for tonites episode!!


I'm just going to sit tight and watch the whole thing happening tonight!!! This is going to be one of the best...


Can't Wait....!


A couple of girls and I were talking and we're wondering if maybe the scene with Derek was him dropping out of the chief race. They've got to narrow it down somehow. And that would get him outta the way, and then with Addison leaving, that would leave only three candidates.


the whole izzies daughter thing is freaky!


It looks like a reallly good episode. The Izzie/George/Callie thing is going to be interesting, Mer/Der have to work through whatever problems come up, and I am just keeping my fingers crossed that Cristina/Burke make it to the alter. I would love to ge into the summer hiatus with everyone happy.


OOOMMGGG, i got goosebumps watching that. and yeah Jessie i think you may be right, i think it's the dad. and actually Belgian Grey i didn't think of the leukemia thing being kind of "soapy" but i guess maybe a little, but i'm trusting shonda knows how to make it work.