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Preparing For "Private Practice" Pilot

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After Thursday's "Desire," we all saw the previews for next week. It looks like quite the two-part episode brewing. Along similar lines, we happened across this ad in TV Guide for the two-hour Grey's Anatomy special - "The Other Side of This Life (Parts I & II)" an episode that as the pilot for the long-awaited Kate Walsh-led spin-off, Private Practice...

Preparing For "Private Practice" Pilot

It's a cool ad, and appropriate that it features the cast of Grey's Anatomy along side the new stars of Private Practice (including Taye Diggs and Tim Daly), with Addison Montgomery on the verge of a major life change.

Click here for some Private Practice promotional pictures. We're eagerly looking forward to the pilot and to both parts of next week's Grey's Anatomy event. We'll post some longer previews (as well as potential spoilers) as the big day draws nearer.

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With all the publicity this is getting, it's making me lean toward the "This is going to be GOOD!" more and more, and I'm afraid that when the 2-hour spin-off pilot thing finally does show, it won't be as good as I expected. As melissa m. said as well, if she does come back, hopefully it's for Mark. Mark was an unexpected addition to the show... somewhat, in truth. It was nice to see him around a lot, but now... he's got no one. He's part of the dirty mistresses club all alone. Except for Izzie. She's all alone as well. I think I expect this to be good for the main reason that it's been receiving so much publicity... but, in truth, I really don't care if it's good or not. If it makes me laugh and I have a set time to watch it and MORE THAN ONCE A WEEK, then by all means I'll watch the show. =) I can't wait to See Addison being, dare I say, Bright And Shiny!


I really dont like the promo ad, that was in TC Guide it just feels really cheesy to me, maybe thats why i dislike it that much. I dont think i'll watch the spin off but i hope it goes good for KW!! Hopefully once some characters have gone from greys we'll be able to get back into the more personal stories that make greys great and then the interns will have more screentime, cause intern moments are the bext...last episode proved that!


Sorry about my last comment you guys. I don't want addison gone forever, I'll miss her a lot and hope that she can and will comeback.


it's very super for her


goodbye addison. i hope FOREVER!!


I am super excited because from the previews it looks good and promising. But I feel Grey's will be different once addison/kate is gone but it's not like the ratings will suffer terribly. Kate will just be dearly missed. And if Addison does go abck to SGH hopefully she'll comeback for Mark. He just looked so sad and you can telll that he really loves her. Alex just likes her.


Does merrideth get smacked in that episode. WOW


i think i'm in the minority but i have to say i'm actually looking forward to this show. who can pass up another quality show done by shonda, honestly? addison is only one character leaving from grey's and really wasn't the entire first season of grey's absolutely the best? remember everyone when there wasn't so many characters in the show taking up the time and things were more focused on our core people? i'm reserving my judgment until we can actually watch a couple of epis, but i'm have high hopes for another winner from shonda!


I can't decide if I'm going to like it yet. I still feel like the origional is better and I'm not sure if I want to like these new people. Does anyone know what time and date it will air if it makes it? (like will it be after greys or something like that for example)