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Kate Walsh: To Bang or Not to Bang?

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We always think she's bangin' (sorry). But how do you feel about Kate Walsh's new look? The Grey's Anatomy actress (and prospective Private Practice star) usually wears her fiery red hair in long layers (left).

But Walsh turned up at Saturday night's GLAAD Awards with a new look, rocking heavy blunt bangs (right)...

Kate Walsh: To Bang or Not to Bang?

Which Kate Walsh hairstyle to you prefer?

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Na, looks better without them, its too heavy, it sorta blocks off her face, which needs to be seen.


She is such a beautiful person.
But PLEASE no bangs!!! Thank you!


I love Kate Walsh but she's gorgeous looking naturally and with red hair.. the bangs um, look abit odd and even if she chose bangs, I think other models would suit her ^^


I think that in the picture of her with her bangs she looks really fake and plastic. If she was looking like her usual self with bangs I would like them a lot more than I do there. But, I'm still going to have to say no bangs.


-Apart from McSeriously(even though I´m biased, I´ve got to say that You`ve got a point there), NO more comments on this subject matter after mine, why ?
And WHY the aggressive meanness ?? ("hating" thick, blunt cut bangs -who, what makes YOU think they look childish and all bad ?)
MORE food for thought !


I think she looks gorgeous either way. Screw it, Walsh is beautiful with whatever hair you cut for her!


Hi there !
-WHAAT`s with "everybody" being so dead set against Kate`s truly BEAUTIFUL straight bangs ?
Is it the fashion industry/Hollywood non-bangs brainwashing, or is it just lemmings-mentality "if celebreties and my neighbors/co-workers don`t wear bangs, nor should anybody else ???
Lack of self esteem & self confidence makes indiviuals wanna run with the pack, instead of finding their own way to serlf-satisfaction and pride !
I think that center parted hair looks HIDEOUS, like a straight white scar (from an axe or something) and high naked foreheads on females looks vey harsh & unbecoming in MOST cases.
Kate Walsh WITH thick, straight bangs is MUCH better looking, than that boring, awful centerparted sloppy layering !
Kate seems to be a great personality -GOOD for her & hope She keeps her bangs !
-Food for thought, eh ?!!


Bangs or no bangs? The woman is a knockout in every way, shape and form. Wit, charm, personality, who cares how she wears her hair? I think it's fun that she's so bold an adventurous with her hair and clothes.


Those bangs HAVE GOT TO GO!! Very people can pull that look and Kate, my dear, you ain't one of them! Plus I think bangs are meant for much younger gals. Her side-parting was WAY better.


she looks like a man