Isaiah Washington Won't Submit His Name For Emmy Awards Consideration

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Isaiah Washington Won't Submit His Name For Emmy Awards Consideration
Grey's Anatomy star Isaiah Washington will not be submitting his name for Best Actor or Best Supporting Actor Emmy consideration, Entertainment Weekly reports.

No reason for his decision has been reported, but this doesn't come as a shock.

Meanwhile, all the other Grey's Anatomy stars, besides stars Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey, who are going for Best Actress and Actor, respectively are submitting in the Best Supporting Actor and Supporting Actress categories.

While he is certainly worthy of Best Actor or Supporting Actor honors, Washington probably wishes to remain out of the award-show spotlight, given the controversy he sparked in recent months. Which is probably a wise move, as his remarks about T.R. Knight would likely cloud his accomplishments.

Hopefully, he'll get the recognition he deserves next season, when all this has blown over and his fine work on Grey's Anatomy will once again be the focus.

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why did they say that ellen and patrick didnt submit their name? did some one do it for them??
cause they should def. get something. but i think katherine should get an emmy. she has had so much emotional stuff on the show and she has done it beautifully.


ya know what, i'm glad he didn't submit his name. i mean although it does cause some drama in itself (i mean we all read this article, right?). anyone who would not only call another person a f----- but also use that as defense, lying and saying you did not call said person a f------ does not deserve to be recognized.


Tell me it's not true, that he leaves. I am so sorry for him and a bit disappointed,the talent should be awarded!!!


Now I am very worried that they are letting IW go in the finale. :(
People should move on. This season he has had so many amazing scenes. How couldn't they recognize his talent?


He would have deserved the award because this year his performance has been great and he has given a fantastic depth to the character of Preston Burke- Like Mia, I hope he will be in Grey next season and will get the award.


I didn't even realize they submitted their own names. I thought they were selected. That just seems crazy to me. But even with the back stage problems Isaiah is a great actor who needs to be awarded for his talent. People who can't get past what happen in October need to get over themselves and move on.


I feel sorry for him. His acting is one of the most impressive in the show.
Given the latest spoilers, I hope he will still be in GA next season.


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