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George: Callie, why are you closing your eyes?

Callie: Cause by the look of your face swelling, it might just be about to explode.


George: Every time I was in Joe's bar I was with my bestfriend , Every time you called I told you,
"Baby I'm working." No!, I was out doing my dirt, Wasn't thinkin' 'bout you gettin' hurt, I was getting drunk at Joe's like man , Not givin' a damn who sees me ,So gone, So wrong, Acting like I didn't have you sittin' at home, Thinkin' about me, Bein' the girl that you are, I bet you probably believe you got a good man, I never would do the things I'm about to tell you I've done, Brace yourself it ain't good , But it would be even worse if you heard this from somebody else...

Callie: Hey I know that song! It's usher isn't it? Confesssions part 1..but george, you got the lyrics wrong! It somehow sounds different..

George: I'm not tryin to sing here Callie..I'm tryin to tell you something!


George: Everything that I've been doin' is all bad, I got a chick on the side with a crib and a ride, I've been telling you so many lies, ain't nothin' good it's all bad , And I just wanna confess it's been goin' on so long , Girl I been doin' you so wrong and I want you to know that...

Callie:Hey! thts usher, Confessions Part 1.. how did you know? i love that song!

George:Umm.. thats not wut i meant callie... we're not playing guess the song here..


Callie: Does this smock make me look fat? I feel terrible after what happened last night...

George: Who knew you were so va--... last night!?! What happened last night?

Callie: [slowly gets up] Oh, nothing. Izzie and I had a little chat.

George: Is she ok?

Callie: No, as a matter of fact. She seems to have disappeared...


Callie: Will you lay with me and just forget the world? And um while your at it, you should try and forget Izzie too.


Callie: Geroge, you need to trim your nose hairs!!
George: That's gross!!
Callie: No, the fact that you have blown your nose recently is gross!!


Callie: "I am protecting my back"

George: "Why?"

Callie: "So you don't stab me again!!!"


Callie: "George, I have fallen and I can't get up!"


Callie: We need to talk
George: I know....I slept with Izzie and I love her


Hey-Wanna play doctor?

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