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This week's edition of the Caption Contest, LI, lived up to our expectations and produced a slew of strong and highly amusing replies. The Insider's fun and always-entertaining Caption Contest never ceases to impress, or to make our jobs difficult in picking a winner.

This week's honorable mentions go out to the passive aggressivan, as well as izzie_omalley and McPsyched. But we've chosen Amanda as the winner. As fans of The Devil Wears Prada and Grey's Anatomy, it was a clear choice. Funny caption, too.

The winning reply appears beneath the picture, and you can read the full list of replies we got by scrolling down the page. Thanks to all for playing and making us the top Grey's Anatomy site on the web. Good luck this week!

This week's Caption Contest image:

Addison, Derek and Preston

Derek: "I thought the Devil wore Prada, not pink scrubs."
Addison: "I'll have you know that pink is the new red."

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Addison: "Salmon colored scrubs makes me vomit a little in my mouth". Derek: ??? Preston: ???


On my last comment about IHOP, I meant for no copywrite infringment, or whatever.


Derek: I really like IHOP
Addison: Let me guess, IHOP stands for: interns having orgasms perpetually.
Derek: No, IHOP stands for International House of Pandcakes!


Derek: The salmon colored scrubs? Why are you wearing those? Don't tell me Mark likes them.
Burke: Cool it Dr. Shepherd, she's your wife.
Addison: Thank you Preston.
Derek: Again with the first names?


Derek: Preston do you believe in deja vu?
Preston: Yes why do you ask?
Derek: Because I feel like we've been her before and Satan still doesn't look good in salmon colored scrubs.
Addison: And you think glow in the dark ones make you look sexy?
Preston: I don't want to know.


Addison: "We should all wear salmon-colored scrubs!" Derek: "Seriously, NO! Blue or green or...anything besides salmon." Burke: "Hey, we can't worry about the colors now...we're still deciding on the secret handshake!" The first official meeting of the McSIN club: My Choice: Sexy Interns, Naturally!


****sorry, preston should be thinking ^above.


Derek- "you know, i could get you some 'Clorox colors' for all your red scrubs. Addison- thanks, im lacking in "santanic ooomph" Preston- shouldn't she be at the meeting with stevens, korev, and o'malley?


Derek- "You know, there may be an age difference in Me and Meredith, but at least she has sense to retouch her lipstick after the infamous elevator incidents!" Addison- (wiping mouth) "Damnt Korev! Preston- *thinking* man, christina in them red panties, how come shepherd's girl is the only one who gets her panties on the board?


I luvvvv Michele's and Kim's (advice on marriage) but all of them are great!!!!!

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