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Derek: A manage-a-trois? Seriously?!

Addison: Yeah. I mean we're not exactly the monogamous type.

Burke: Excuse me?

Addison: Oh, sorry, I thought you were the chief.

Burke: Just give it time.


Derek: hey Burke, did you know about the land called passive agressiva?

Burke: Sure...

Derek: And did you know that Addison is its queen.

Burke: Okay...

Addison: He wants you to fire me while Richard is helpless right now...


Derek: You know that Richard made you chief only because I'm sleeping with Meredith right.

Addison: You just can't get over the fact Preston's better than you.

Derek: Preston is not better than me!

Burke: That's CHIEF BURKE to you Dr. Shepard. Have a good day, Addison.


The first official meeting of the McSIN club...
My Choice? Slutty Interns Naked!

***this way sounds better than sexy interns, naturally...*** :-)


Addison: so i hear the interns are calling you "McDreamy" now.
Derek: cool! I have a McLabel!
Burke: Why don't I have a McLabel?
Addison: Because there is not a word to describe you.
Burke: Shut up salmon scrubs lady!
Derek: I've got it! McBoring!


Burke- Nice scrubs

Derrick- Ya before you know it, Sanjaya Malakar will be modeling them on American Idol.


Derek- "The board looks good today!"
Addison- thinking 'wow, that hair! And to think it takes me 2 hours to get mine to look like that...'
Burke- thinking 'The hair- it should be it's own McGod...'


Addison: *thinking* I want Derek to forgive me but he's immune to my persuasive ways. I guess it's time for.....the Bailey stare.
Derek: Quit looking at me wierdly. You look constipated.


Derek: I should be chief over Burke right?
Addision: You're dellusional.


Derek: i'm sorry Addison, you just look so damn white

Addison: i know...

Preston: you know, Derek. Addison is the typical glamorous white woman. they make all the black models look white nowadays...

Addison: In other words, pretty.

Preston: ...(ghetto accent) you know what addison? you a nappy headed hoe, why you say that?

Derek: im leaving...

Addison..No no..wait! Burke i didnt mean it like that...i meant...

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