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More Than Friends?
Yeah, we don't even know where to start with this one.

That's why we'll just direct you to our "Scars and Souvenirs" episode guide if you missed last night's show or want to relive the action.

There's a lot of ground to cover - intriguing blasts from the past, character depth we've never been shown before (in the case of several surgeons), Meredith looking to turn over a new leaf, and yet another unexpected romantic entanglement between doctors.

In short, it was great, and you can also watch it tonight at 8:00 on ABC. Follow the link above to our official episode guide. We've also added 2-3 pages of images from the episode in our photo gallery, so be sure to take a look.

We're in the process of compiling our list of quotes, which is always fun. Follow the link to see what we have so far. Our guide to last night's music. Follow that link above to see the song selections and lyrics from "Scars and Souvenirs," and scroll down on our complete song listing to learn which was played when last night. If you can help with missing lyrics, please do!

As usual, you can talk about the episode - and all things Grey's Anatomy - 'til your heart's content in our online here.

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LA I completely agree with you! That would be a really good twist for the show to see if Izzie and Callie were both carrying George's baby. And if Callie was already pregnant, that would explain her mood swings..... but, i really want more couple time. more HAPPY couple time. I want burke and christina to finally be happy and get over all this marlow crap and then i want mer/der to be happier or at least see them more on camera!


Here is a bit more on the Heigl issue that I find interesting. I hope that the cast can get it together. If ABC/Touchstone gives them all substantial raises so that they all feel valued, maybe we can just get back to focusing on the show itself. That would be a pleasant change since October. IS HEIGL A TROUBLEMAKER?? HER FIRST OUTBURST Isaiah Washington defended himself against claims that he's spewed a homophobic epithet at co-star TR Knight during a show taping on Oct. 9. But he then repeated the word at the Golden Globes on Jan. 15. Heigl struck back by approraching the media at the night's afterparties. "He needs to not speak in public," she told reporters of Washington. "TR is my best friend. I will fight for that kid." THE OFFICIAL REACTION Grey's producers were less than thrilled about her outspokeness!! "Katherine was told that any reprimanding of Isaiah would come from upstairs, and that it was not her place to attack another cast member," a source says. THE FINAL STRAW Since Heigl's grousing about her salary, things have gotten so tense on set that even the genial Knight "is doing a lot of grumbling!" a source says.


Here is an article on Katherine Heigl off the Associated Press I thought people might find interesting. Just sayin'. by Roger Hitts Like a real-life emergency room, there's been plenty of behind the scenes trauma on the set of ABC's Grey's Anatomy this season, but sources say that the latest drama is the most shocking of all. That's because it involves a falling out between Kate Walsh and Katherine Heigl, who were "the two closests cast members on the set. They were best friends," says the insider. "They would go out after work, and they lived near each other so they would visit each other's houses." In fact, Kate 39, who's already an old hand when it comes to series TV (she was a regular on The Drew Carey Show, among others), used to give Katherine advice on navigating the business. But no more!! Sources say, "They are no longer speaking to each other." The latest trouble started recently after Grey's producer Shonda Rhimes announced that Walsh's character, sexy surgeon Dr. Addison Shepherd, might be getting her own spin-off series next season. A test episode of the new drama, co-starring Taye Diggs, will air during May sweeps period. The announcement wasa tribute to Grey's success: Now in it's third season, the series is so hot that its ratings recently beat American Idol with a whopping 25 million viewers! But the other actors especially Heigl, 28, were less than thrilled. "Part of it is jealousy that Kate was chosen over her,", says the insider. But part of it, another source explains, is that Kate, who was asked by producers not to discuss the impending deal with her co-workers, didn't tell Katherine about it herself. "They'd been sharing everything," the source says. "So finding out that Kate was swinging a star-making, sweetheart deal for herself, and not filling Katherine in on it? That left Katherine's feelings bruised." In return, Kate was hurt too! "She felt that Katherine should have been happy for her success, instead of turning green with envy." And Walsh isn't the only cast member who's turned sour on the young actress! When producers recently offered raises to the show's lead actors, Heigl complained that hers, bringing her salary up to $150,000 per episode wasn't enough. She insisted that her character, model-turned-intern Izzie Stevens, carried the show through its second season and, according to one source, she now "wants $250,000 an episode and said she would not settle for less than $200,000." To increase her bargaining power, she suggested that the cast as a whole "approach the network Friends-style to get them all big raises." But her plan backfired! The Grey's cast, a source tells Star, is "far too fructured right now to put up a united front. It's every man and every woman for themselves." Ellen Pompeo and Sandra Oh already earn more per episode than Katherine, and "their feeling was 'don't drag us into it," says the source. "They were bigger names than Katherine going in, so their pay has nothing to do with hers." Katherine (who's three years into a five-year contract) finally took her battle to the press - and lost. As the producers said in a statement released to the media, "Fortunately, we have a long-term contract to ensure (Katherine) will be with the show for several years to come." In the aftermath of this conflict, the normally-reliable Katherine has been acting out. "She shows up late for rehearsals and she's always yapping on her cell phne," says the source. "She's got a diva attitude! She used to be one of the best-liked people on the set, but now she's become the cast whipping girl." If anything's to blame for this new strife on the set - anything besides Katherine's attitude - it may be the show's success itself. "There's a lot of money being made and a lot of focus on the actors," a source says. "Everybody is looking for a piece of the action."


Hi Dixie Girl, I do post on the Grey Matter writer's blog as Burke Backer sometimes and did this past week. Sometimes I post there using my name. I was so disappointed that the blog only focused on the last three minutes of the show and the George and Izzie hook-up that I wanted to write and tell them that I wasn't as interested in that as I was in what they were doing to Burke and Cristina and wish she had at least talked about it. Someone earlier wrote that they didn't think Izzie and George had sex. Would it really matter if you were Callie? If your boyfried, or rather husband, got drunk and went to be with someone that is publically dissing your marriage ever chance she gets, discusses you and your marriage with her, and winds up naked in her bed while she is naked too, do you think you would feel better? Would that be any less of a betrayal? Regardless of whether or not they had sex it was wrong and hurtful to Callie, in my opinion. I have never been a huge fan of Callie, although I really like Sara Ramirez, but I am a huge fan of couples being faithful to each other, working on their problems, and trying hard to stay together, even if you wake up one morning and believe you have made a mistake. What George said to Callie about Izzie being just too beautiful to be interested in him was so hurtful to Callie because it is in fact saying he had to settle for someone less beautiful and less perfect in his eyes, Callie. Not a heart warming thiing to hear from your husband. I personally think, at the moment, that Callie is too beautiful for George, but that's another story. I agree with those of you frustrated by the lack of a story for Meredith and Derek ever since she chose him over Finn. I am frustrated too. I really wish they would go back to building stories around the three couples that actually got many if not most of us hooked on the show to begin with, Derek and Meredith, Burke and Cristina, and Alex and Izzie. Even this past episode, the few minutes that Izzie spent with Alex before he went back to the hospital were more sexually charged, in my opnion, than waking up naked with George. I agree with the person who wrote earlier that they liked George with Olivia. I did, too. Right now I am not liking George at all. Callie is great, but too much of a woman for George and frankly I think there are just too many "main" characters. I love Addison and hope her spin off works. It sounds like they are putting lots of emphasis on it. I hope it won't weaken the first Grey's to have so much focus on the second. Sloan should go with Addison as her current lover and Callie should go with her as her friend after breaking up with George. The Chief should remain chief and Bailey needs much more air time. Marlow needs to get on him trolley and head back to Stanford. I would really like to see season four begin with the original nine cast members so that they all get more than 30 seconds of screen time each. I hope that doesn't offend anyone who is invested in the newer characters. I just think it would be a stronger show. The writers seem to be struggling coming up with enough overlapping story arcs to keep everyone interesting without resorting to trite situations like I got drunk and slept with my best friend.


i really would like to see alex and izzie together that would be awsome. i don't care who george is with i don't like him anymore he such a girl hes so annoying. if george is with anyone i think he should be with olivia i really liked her she should be in the show more. the show needs something big to happen because it really starting to get cheesy


i hate izzie and george together its just to weird. but i also hate calli i like olivia better than her.
i really don't like the third season its getting really stupid i liked it at first but as the show goes on its geting worse and worse. they really need more mer and der scenes.


DixieGIrl,I second you post..we need some MER/DEr scenes..I mean she was on her freakin' death bed..and all they had was dinner.I hope Shonda's got something...cause they aren't like the main characters anymore without her narrating at the begining and end. Uh the 22nd


Hey, does anyone ever post at the ABC site? There's a BurkeBacker there, so I was wondering... They didn't post my first post. LOL - I congratulated them on getting back to a real blog about the show....and back to a real show, as well. Anyway --- interesting.....not sure how I feel about Gizzie, think that might be a little contrived. At least Burke and Christina had SOME interaction - I do love the actor that played her professor...loved him on West Wing, although he looks 20 years older now! I MISS MER / DER!!! The dinner scenes were nice, I like the support and family stuff....but SERIOUSLY! She almost died...and they're sleeping in LONG UNDERWEAR....puh-lease. I'm ready for some porny Mer / Der scenes. Do you think Shona's saving up for the last couple of episodes?


That epi bothered me so I: totally dont wanna write and,...BB had like the exact feelings or whatever as I did. 22nd better be good,...cuz their getting worse.


Yes, there is a new episode next week I saw on ABC.com. Whatever the reason I am happy. I watched October Road and I didn't really like it.


Grey's Anatomy Quotes

Did you say it? 'I love you. I don't ever want to live without you. You changed my life.' Did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work toward it, but every now and then, look around; Drink it in 'cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow."

Meredith (closing voiceover)

There's a reason I said I'd be happy alone. It wasn't 'cause I thought I'd be happy alone. It was because I thought if I loved someone and then it fell apart, I might not make it. It's easier to be alone, because what if you learn that you need love and you don't have it? What if you like it and lean on it? What if you shape your life around it and then it falls apart? Can you even survive that kind of pain? Losing love is like organ damage. It's like dying. The only difference is death ends. This? It could go on forever.