Patrick Dempsey: A Family Portrait

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Patrick & Sons
is one proud papa.

Featured in the newest People magazine, the Grey's Anatomy leading man and his whole family look extremely happy - and with good reason.

Patrick, wife Jillian and daughter Tallulah recently welcomed twin sons Sullivan Patrick and Darby Galen, born February 1 at an L.A.-area hospital.

"I was watching everything that was going on with the doctors, and you see a lot of that in the show," says Dempsey, who helped cut both cords.

The new dad admits that when he and Jillian first learned they were expecting not one, but two new additions to the family, "I was a little overwhelmed."

With three little ones occupying in the house, are there more on the way? Doesn't look like it. "I think we're done now," Dempsey says.

As for how Tallulah is handling big sister duties? Dempsey says not only did his 5-year-old help decide on the boys' names, she's "very excited and very good about taking care of her brothers."

Here are People Magazine pictures:

Patrick & Children
Darby Galen & Sullivan Patrick
The Whole Fam

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Je suis très contente pour lui !
C'est tellement quelqu'un de super ( rassurez vous je ne le connais pas personellement!) Je l'adore je suis trop fan de la serie GREY'S ANANTOMY enfin bref que du bonheur pour lui et sa famille !


He is hot and a good father from his family. I like him very much. The role in Grey's Anthony was cool and great. Congratulation for new dad with the twin. Hope you and your family is happy alltogether ever after.


oh my God ..the photo is speaking a 1000 words..


hey it is Good !!!!!


I don't want a lot for christmas, but all I want for Christmas is.....


The article wasn't long enough


omg they look so cute together, the twins are gorgeous


Here is another part of that interview.


What great pictures of the Dempsey family! They all look so happy. Jill is so lucky to be the wife of Patrick Dempsey and the mother of his beauftiful children!
I saw a clip on Access Hollywood where they interviewed Patrick about his family life, and having an onscreen romance. Check out the link below to see the clip. Just click on his picture clip on the right side of your screen once you get into the website.
I guess we all get so caught up into the characters of Mer/Der and the other characters on the show, that we feel that it is so REAL what we see that happens between them on the show when its not. I do believe that Patrick and Ellen are very close friends and care alot for each other and naturally they have great chemistry with each other, which they do admit. We just don't think about them having a real life outside of Seattle Grace Hospital that doesn't include the characters that they play. I mean we all know that each have families, but we all get so caught up into their characters, that we feel that the feelings that they express to one another is real! I guess that means that they are doing their job well as actors making us the viewers think just what we are thinking......that its real! (Ha).
Check out Patrick's interview, its interesting what he has to say.


hi everyone , I just wanted to know if you could see the quotes , the pictures , etc , on the site , because I can't and I was wondering if it was my computer ... thanks .


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