Katherine Heigl: The GQ Interview

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The beautiful Katherine Heigl recently sat down for a Q&A and photo shoot with GQ Magazine. Here's her take on Grey's Anatomy, Steven Seagal, Dick Cheney and more - along with some neat photos.


Katherine Heigl: The GQ Interview
GQ: How are things on the Grey's Anatomy set today? Everyone behaving themselves? Any fistfights or wrestling matches?
Katherine Heigl: [laughs] So far so good for 2007.

GQ: When you guys talk about medical things on the air, do you know what you're talking about?
Katherine Heigl: I have no idea what I'm talking about. There are other actors on the set who are more fascinated with medicine, but I'm not one of those people. I admire doctors, but I'm an actor.

GQ: Patrick Dempsey's hair â€" as amazing in real life as it looks on TV?
Katherine Heigl: Yes. Sometimes he comes to work with one of those, like, beanie caps on, and when he takes it off, it's not as McDreamy as the rest of the world sees it, but he's got a great head of hair.

GQ: Have you ever run your hand through it?
Katherine Heigl: Once. On the pilot, actually. My mother was visiting the set, and we were just chatting with him. And I just looked up at him, and I was like, you know, "Can I just touch it?"

GQ: So it's real?
Katherine Heigl: It's real.

GQ: Your fiancé, Josh Kelley, is a musician. Is it true you met on the set of one of his videos?
Katherine Heigl: I was the chick in his music video.

GQ: That's how the guy from Whitesnake met his wife! So what's Josh's groupie situation like?
Katherine Heigl: You know, I don't ask. The only policy I have is that there can be no girls on the bus. I mean, it's fine if they're other band members' wives or serious girlfriends. But if they're not dating anybody and they're just bringing random chicks on the bus, I'm not cool with it.

GQ: Have any of his fellow bandmates complained about the "no girls on the bus" policy to you?
Katherine Heigl: Not yet, but I'm sure they do behind my back. [laughs]

GQ: You know, despite your growing fame, you don't seem to be one of these people who's under siege by the paparazzi. We don't see photos of you exiting automobiles in front of nightclubs in compromising positionsâ€"
Katherine Heigl: Well, my mother always told me to wear clean underwear, so you won't see that happening with me anytime soon.

GQ: I have to ask you about Under Siege 2, which you starred in when you were 16 years old. Do you have any good Steven Seagal stories?
Katherine Heigl: He was a very interesting man. He was going through a divorce, and he was… I was so young and naive, I had no concept of people like that. And he was so Hollywood, like auditioning women for the part of the girl who lies on the beach topless â€" a line around the trailer of women who would just go in there and show him their tits.

GQ: That's the best Steven Seagal story I think I've ever heard. Meanwhile, you're also in Knocked Up, the new movie from [The 40 Year-Old Virgin director] Judd Apatowâ€"it's about a man who has a one-night stand and impregnates the girl. You're the girl. Did you have to wear one of those baby-belly harnesses?
Katherine Heigl: Oh God, forever. Some days it would only be the three-month belly, and some days it was the nine-month belly. I smoke, so I'd be, like, standing outside smoking with my nine-month belly. And people would just give me these looks.

GQ: You were like, [inhales] "What's it to you?"
Katherine Heigl: Like, "None of your business. Whatever."

GQ: Okay, speed round. If you had to attend a professional sporting event, what would it be?
Katherine Heigl: NASCAR.

GQ: Would you kiss Dick Cheney on the lips for a million dollars to your favorite charity?
Katherine Heigl: Yeah.

GQ: Would you do it for $10,000 to your favorite charity?
Katherine Heigl: I mean, how long is the kiss?

GQ: Long enough that he remembers it.
Katherine Heigl: But no tongue, right?

GQ: No.
Katherine Heigl: Okay, yeah, $10,000 is fine.

GQ: What about $500?
Katherine Heigl: [pause] No.

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yup she does i saw pics!!! oh well still love her


I hope you are right Danielle because she is my role model!!!!! I know she isn't pregnet I just reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaly hope she doesn't smoke! but what ever she is still my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


When it said she is a smoker that is in her movie knocked up she is not a smoker relax, she was talking about the movie she is not pregnet she was pregnet in the movie relax jeesh.


Well obviously she's easy to look at. There are a lotta "lookers" on TV ( I also like Kate Walsh a bunch).... but it's the depth of feeling and the 'realness' of her character that makes her so believable and lovable. I totally enjoyed her on Roswell, too... and on the 'Love Comes Softly' movie. Hope she's around for a long time.... whatever she looks like!


Ok so I agree with jahnnabanana, I totally have a girl-crush on Katie Heigl also in a non-gay way whish also is totally fine. She is just an amazing actress, she is just so talented and she is one of the few actors that actually makes me feel, like when I watch her act I feel as if I am goin thru it too!!! Again who cares if she smokes, I bet many of u drink which can also kill or have friends that smoke, which can also kill u!!! Give her a break, and who ever said that she might be smoking to lose weight...seriously way to jump to conclusions!!! You dont know her situation so leave her alone!!! Izzie all the way!!!


I'm sorry for those of you who lost people to cigarettes, but then you should feel pity for her. Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things a person can do. She's still young, give her a break. I suppose you are all so perfect. Geez. Katherine is lovely, great actor and seems like a great gal!


I'm a teenage McFan and have always admired the entire greys cast... epicially Kathering Hiegl. But, my grandfather and two uncles who all smoked died from lung cancer. Now, my father who is only in his 40's is dying because of it. I'm not judging her, but, smoking is basically buying a $5 death. It's something within our own lives that we can control. Why on earth would anybody want to do that to their loved ones? I know that smoking has torn apart my family so, I hope that this helps some of you decide not to smoke. It's so stupid! And every cigarette that you smoke takes away 7 mins of your life that you could have spent with loved ones.


Grow up you little preschoolers! So what if she smokes. Do you really think she will lose sleep over the fact you're all appalled or that you think she will look weathered in 10 years.
Get over yourselves - its her life and its no-ones business but hers.


Izzie Stevens, a SMOKER? yeech.


i can't believe she smokes!!! eww!!


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