Isaiah Washington Promotes Narcolepsy Awareness as Group Spokesman

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Isaiah Washington Promotes Narcolepsy Awareness as Group Spokesman
With all the negative publicity Isaiah Washington has received over the past few months, we feel it's appropriate to highlight some of the charity work the actor does.

The Grey's Anatomy star became a spokesperson for the Narcolepsy Network last year, spearheading its annual awareness campaign.

Narcolepsy is a chronic neurological sleep disorder caused by the brain's inability to regulate sleep-wake cycles normally.

As many as 200,000 Americans suffer with the debilitating disease.

Although Washington himself is not afflicted with narcolepsy, a close friend of his has the disorder, as Grey's Anatomy Insider reported a year ago when first learning of Isaiah's relationship with the organization.

"People living with narcolepsy need to know they're not alone and that they can get help," Washington's official quote for the group reads.

Fortunately, the negative press of the past few months hasn't affected his work. A representative for the Narcolepsy Network told celebrity news site TMZ that "Isaiah did a great job on the campaign."

Interestingly, the organization's 2007 spokesperson is none other than Washington's Grey's Anatomy co-star, Kate Walsh.

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heey guys
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He has given back many times and thank you for publishing that. The public has been given a poor opinion of him and most of the people who criticize him don't realize that he is a charitable person who has very strong family values.


Thank you for posting something positive. Hopefully this will allow people to remember that one moment does not define a person especially when then they've had a lifetime of doing good and helping others. I hope he is able to keep his head up and find strenth in the support people are giving him because we all know we make mistakes and say thing that we later regret and are surprise the words came out of our mouths and because we believe that an admitted mistake does not have to define him.


More and more I am become a great Preston Burke fan not because I don't think Isaiah used poor judgement but since when did it become the norm not to allow a person the opportunity to redeem themselves. He acknowledge that he made a mistake let him have a chance to make it better. However, it seems that the media especially TMZ and Eonline refuse to allow him that opportunity. It's rediculous, other people in the media do things that are far worst and cause people to lose their lives and yet we treat them better than we're treating a person who apologies and promise that do what it takes to redeem himself.


Thank you for some posiitive information about Isaiah. It is nice when his accomplishments are recognized. It is too bad when a few minutes time overshadows all of the good work that this actor does both on and off screen. He also has done ad campaigns for the Los Angeles Food Bank, has worked to help inner city at-risk kids, and has made considerable contributions to the country of his ancestors, Sierre Leone. I hope that he can once again be defined by his charitable work and skill as an actor more than anything else.


Way to go Insider for printing something positive about Isaiah Washington! Thanks very much!


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