Grey's Anatomy Spin-Off Reportedly Gets a Tentative Title: Private Practice

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The heavily anticipated Kate Walsh-led Grey's Anatomy spin off finally has a name. A tentative one, at least: Private Practice.

Grey's Anatomy Spin-Off Reportedly Gets a Tentative Title: Private Practice
According to Buddy TV, ABC unveiled the moniker for the new show at a star studded media buyers event during network development week.

ABC executives lauded the spin off's spectacular cast that in addition to Walsh, includes Taye Diggs, Tim Daly, Amy Brenneman, Chris Lowell, and numerous others.

The Grey's Anatomy spin-off is being touted for its stand alone premise that will take Kate Walsh's character out of the realm of nightmare medical emergencies and incorporated hospital trysts into a setting they think less hard core medical drama fans will appreciate.

In that sense, the proposed name for Grey's Anatomy 2.0 is quite apt.

ABC execs are quick to caution that the name of Private Practice may change, however. The two-hour episode set to sample the themes of the series will debut May 10, but don't think of it as a pilot. Grey's Anatomy is riding a high enough wave at this point that the second series is virtually a lock, whether the initial sample piques interests or not.

It has been noted, in some cases not very kindly, that the bulk of the supporting cast is made up of refugees from failing shows: Taye Diggs from Day Break, the Lost stand in that died after only three episodes; Tim Daly from The Nine, which failed to retain enough from its Lost lead-in to remain viable; and Chris Lowell from the thought-to-be-doomed Veronica Mars.

Does ABC anticipate big things from Private Practice?

The feedback from attendees was that the show is expected to quickly occupy a top spot in their fall lineup. For now, however, there is no proposed air date or time for the new series, which will premiere with the rest of ABC's new fall lineup.

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I love the new show and I like Kate's personality better in it!


I heart Kate Wlash and especially Addi i want her deaaaaaaaaaadddddddd


Devo, you're so right!!! Kate Walsh worked her butt off all her life. At 14, she was working in a Burger King. She typed up reports for her stepfather to make money. All this woman knows is to work and work. I feel sorry for her. She worked as a waiteress in Manhatten, she worked everywhere!!! She deserves this. I'll watch totally watch it. I was going to watch it anyway. I LOVE HER!!! She deserves more than 2 seconds. Sometimes, I think she's not even in the episode! Yet, she's an awesome actress that should be in award winning movies!!


From what I understand it's in Walsh's contract that if the spinoff fails, she goes back to GA. Wouldn't YOU make that a condition of the deal? The woman's busted her butt for years in Hollywood. Give her a break and support the spinoff. Plus, she'll FINALLY get all the screen time she deserves. Not the blink-and-you'll-miss-em entrances and exits she's been given in many of the last GA episodes. If you're inspired by/admire strong, independent, accomplished women, then
WATCH the spinoff/support the show. If yu just like Addison, WATCH the spinoff/support the show.


im excited for the show because that means that addison and alex have to hook up first. I've been waiting for that for like EVER. I wonder what mark does because it says that he "fails" at his 60 no sex thingy. Hmmm... i wonder who it is that makes him "fail"???


It's good for Kate, and even better for the character of Addison, so good luck to both of them on the new spin-off!


I am really tired of not seeing the show Grey's Anatomy continue on a regular basis. They just don't seem to care if we continue to watch current programs. Just drop the plot like a hot potato and put on what they please without any warning. Discusting! ABC needs to wise up.


First of all, I think that Grey's is losing its touch. Second season was awesome and third is stuggling to match. Kate Walsh is an awesome actress and I love her, but I fear for her career in GA. Frankly I fear for GA. If the show flops...will it be the end of GA as we know. Will it slowly crumbling like the Russian Empire, once great, then taken over by the own citizens? What is GA falls because of the viewers? Personally, GA need a boost, I'm just not sure how, but I know Private Practice can't be the solution. Anyway, when the show Private Practice, they better show it on a different night at 9:00 ( I can't stay up to 10:00 to watch T.V ) Anyway, Kate Walsh is hot and amazing!!!


wait so greys anatomy will keep on air even if the spin-off works(which i hope it doesnt)?
i dont really like addison because I LOVE MCDREAMY,DEREK, PATRICK DEMPSEY, but still i want her to stay on the show . I vote 4 addisex (addison + alex) i think shell cheat on mcsteamy with alex. like she hasnt done it before , you saw what she did to derek.


i really want her to stay in the show and ill even watch it but still.. its not greys anatomy w/o kate walsh/addison.


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