T.R. Knight Not Leaving Grey's Anatomy

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T.R. Knight is not quitting the show.

We repeat: T.R. Knight is not leaving Grey's Anatomy.

Kristin Veitch, E! Online columnist and trusted source, sets the record straight regarding this rumor in her column. For those of you who missed it, a person claiming to know someone on the Grey's Anatomy catering staff claimed T.R. was so upset over ABC's handling of Isaiahgate that he was planning on quitting the hit show.

Not the case.

Reliable sources connected to the show, as well as T.R. Knight's personal publicist and the show's ABC rep, all state unequivocally that T.R. is staying on the show. In fact, ABC "irrefutably denies" it - language that would not be used if there were even a slight chance of him leaving Grey's Anatomy.

Hopefully, T.R., Isaiah Washington and the rest of the staff can move on from the incident that has marred the show over the past few weeks and get back to what matters most - collaborating on TV's best drama.

T.R. Knight: Staying Put

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