The Return of Jeffrey Dean Morgan

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The Return of Jeffrey Dean Morgan
A source with close ties to Seattle Grace tells TV Guide's Michael Ausiello that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is returning to Grey's Anatomy as Izzie's late fiancé in an episode to air later this season.

Since Denny clearly passed away back in May, it seems safe to assume that he'll appear in either a dream sequence or a newly created flashback.

Of course, if Shonda Rhimes wants to get really creative, she could read some of our fan suggestions on how (and if) Denny should come back to life.

TV Guide offers a few humorous options:

  • Kenny. Denny's long-lost (and evil) twin. Just as Izzie is starting to feel get over Denny, her ill-fated soul mate's brother shows up to reclaim the $8.7 million inheritance!
  • Ghost of Denny. At the opening ceremonies of the Denny Duquette Memorial Clinic, his spirit appears just in time to cut the ribbon. Poignant.
  • An Alien. Okay, so this isn't the X-Files. But some of you may recall that while guest starring as Izzie's love, Jeffrey Dean Morgan was also a regular on the WB series Supernatural. Katherine Heigl, for her part, once starred on Roswell. Think about it.

Can you think of any other possible scenarios - serious or crazy - that may bring our beloved Jeffrey Dean Morgan back to Grey's Anatomy? Leave us a comment and share.

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there are no words to describe Denny. i love him.


Doesnt matter HOW - just bring Mr Denny BACK! oh LORDIE he is a doll!


cant wait to see jeff again. this is cool, plz come back for us. we all miss you.


but thats just an idea that i thought of u dont have to use it


in order to bring denny back to life we should dig him up from the grave, put his new heart in him and shock it to bring him back then izzie would be so happy


I am writing from Italy. Jeffrey is great!! He is fantastic.... please let him live as Denny twin or as Denny himself!!! Nobody saw his funeral.... probably Doc. Bailey noticed he was not dead so she moved Denny in the reanimation dept...... he ramained in coma for a few months then he returned back to life!!! Beautiful idea, isn't it????? Pls Shonda use my idea!!!!


Ok, to begin, let me be the first to say that I loved the Denny storyline. JDM was absolutely fantastic in the role. He bought it all the heart (No pun intended) and sensitivity the character needed. If it had gone on any longer they would have had to hand the man an emmy. Any woman breathing air into her lungs and also had a pulse got their fix every Thursday night at 9:00 p. m. during the 2nd season!! That being said, I think it would be really silly to bring back the character of Denny. How would you go about doing that? The man walked into the white light for Christ's sake. He had a stroke, he is no more, he ceases to be. He is worm food. He is taking the eternal dirt nap. Sleeps with the fishes. Plays the harp. Wears wings...Get it?? (See Monty Python's Parrot sketch) For God sake we really need to let it go. Besides....My main complaint is that JDM is not in more stuff! Let's get this man his own show stat! One where he walks and talks and laugh's and cries and eats and sleeps, loves--- and does all the things that a non-dying, non missing, non-video taped previously dead character gets to do!! (See Weeds and Supernatural!) The guy is a great actor...we want to see more of him, not necessarily Denny! J


I don't care how you bring Jeffery A.K.A. Denny back. Just do it please!


seriously. the show would be soooooooo much better if denny came back. i have an idea.....since his parents are LOADED.....they could be like....oh ya they froze him...and then do some creepy procedure like a pulse transplant and GET HIM BACK ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


BRING JEFFERY DEAN MORGAN BACK AS SOMEONE ELSE, great idea!!! Change his appearance a little, thats how you can bring our JMD back!!!

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