Taye Diggs Joins Grey's Anatomy Spinoff

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Entertainment Weekly reports that actor Taye Diggs has been tapped to star in the Grey's Anatomy spin-off currently in the works.

Taye Diggs
No details are available on his character. Grey's Anatomy will set the stage for the spinoff, which will focus on Dr. Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh), via an expanded two-hour episode scheduled for May.

In the pilot, the former Dr. Shepherd will consider her exit from Seattle Grace.

Grey's Anatomy executive producer and creator Shonda Rhimes is writing the episode, and is expected to write the potential spin-off as well.

Meanwhile, Rhimes' other ABC pilot, in which Jeffrey Dean Morgan reportedly stars in a new series about a group of female journalists, has not been canceled, but rather has been pushed to a later summer production start. Shonda is going to be busy!

Diggs' casting in the controversial Grey's Anatomy spinoff stems from a new deal he signed with ABC TV Studio, where Grey's Anatomy is based.

Diggs, 36, has already starred in two drama series for the studio, Kevin Hill for UPN and Day Break for ABC.

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love kate but so not loving this guy


Not a Kate Walsh or Taye Diggs fan, but the show may do okay because of Shonda; however, it won't do as well as GA.


i'm so excited the Jeffrey Dean Morgan pilot isn't cancelled!!!!!!!!!!!


2 WORDS for Taye: McChocolate!!!! Dr. Godiva's in the house!!!!! Yummmmy!!!! All those in favor of those 2 nicknames, reply back: "here, here"!!!!!


Tay Digg's? Seriously? Eww?


I just read this on People (http://www.people.com/people/a...... "Grey's creator Shonda Rhimes is writing the episode, which, according to USA Today, will feature Walsh's character mulling an out-of-town job offer. Should the spinoff go forward, Addison will most likely accept the offer; if it does not, she'll stay at Seattle Grace." So see? If it turns out to not be such a good idea, then she'll stay in Seattle. But at least this way we'll get to see if we like it or not. :)


Does anyone else think it is a little early in the series for a spinoff?


stupid stupid stupid.


I think it's funny that, a month ago with the IW furor, I was the first to mention Taye Diggs as a replacement for IW and now, he is signed to a GA spinoff. Well, maybe this might work. TD is well known and if the show's given the right night and time slot (who knows, after GA on Thursdays?) it could be successful. Let's wait and see.


Oh Yea of Little Faith.....
I love it, He's a great actor and I think that they will have great chemistry, Come on you guys do you have no faith in Shonda Rhimes! She is writing both. In stead of having only GA we will have two shows! It will be sad, but Addison isn't just being written off, she is moving up to STAR in her own show. Huraah!!! Go Kate, and GA!!!!


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