Shonda Rhimes Discusses "Walk On Water"

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On her official blog, Grey's Anatomy creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes - who wrote "Walk On Water" as well as the second and third parts of this three-episode extravaganza - talks a little bit about it.

Shonda's full thoughts on the episode can be viewed by following the link above. Here's an excerpt about "Walk On Water" and specifrically Meredith, in which Rhimes explains some of the symbolism involved, and swears she didn't just throw our girl off a pier for no reason.


Shonda Rhimes Discusses "Walk On Water"
I, like McDreamy, have a thing for ferry boats.

Ferry boats are awesome and, in fact, very safe. Ferry boats are amazing.

Ferry boats are a metaphor for Meredith, you know.

What I was interested in was Meredith and how she was doing after being hurt by her mother. And the devastation of the ferry boat was the best way to physicalize Meredith's pain.

The little girl? She's also a metaphor for Mer. A motherless lost girl who can't speak for herself and disappears? Okay, that's too obvious. But you all know Meredith's been doing a dance with death for some time. Y'all know that if you've been watching. She's dark, our girl. She's dark and twisty. And I worry about her.

Now, I'm really worried about her because she's in the water and I want to be clear with you: I don't put people in the water for no reason. Meredith's got issues, she's got serious Mommy issues and she's broken and she's in the water.

I killed Denny (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

I blew up Dylan (Kyle Chandler).

I'm not entirely playing by the rules of TV here.

There's a point. And it's coming. [I have my] fingers and toes crossed that it works.

Because what happens next... well, just wait and see.

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There is no way that they are going to kill off Meredith. Yes, I understand that Shondra likes to be tricky with her plot twists but even she could not possibly pull something like that. Seriously. No Meredith= No Show. And I'm sure Shondra knows this.


There is no way that they are going to kill of Meredith. Yes, I understand that Shondra likes to be tricky with her plot twists but even she could not possibly pull something like that. Seriously. No Meredith= No Show. And I'm sure Shondra knows this.


I have to agree if Meredith stays dead all of us will defintely stop watching. Especially since McDreamy is supposed to be her Knight in Shining Whatever! I think Addison's idea will save Meredith. I think Meredith will end up having some loving words from Denny to Izzie. I can't wait to see what long as Meredith lives!


If Meredith Grey stays dead through episode three that will be the last episode that I watch. Dereck and her "ARE" Grey's Anatomy. The rest of the cast is great but I would find it useless to watch episode after episode on how everybody deals with the loss of their good friend Meredith.


Ok, nobody was meant to know this but the car blows up, Izzie dies and then Denny appears. It is not known if she comes back to life.
Meredith is saved by Derek, but he is not the only one trying to save our Mer.
Alex & Addi have some problems ahead.
Elizabeth Reaser IS the pregnant woman Alex saved, and he becomes attached to her. (But no, he doesn't cut her LVAD wire) Thats all I know.
And Burke Backer is right.


i think the steamboat blows up and izzie dies...


These posts must really give a kick to Shonda I am sure chez enjoys martyrising us. She is insane just kidding of course.


Well, if they do kill Meredith off, we'll just have to boycott the show.


There is some part of me that thinks that Meredith is going to die. Not in the real death but in the sense that the dark and twisty Meredith might die. Obviously Derek has to rescue her. If you remember what he says in Part 1, that he is her knight in shining armor and that he will always save her.


Yeah... I do really hopte too, that it is Der you pulls her out of the water. He has to be her "knight in shinning whatever" :) It would be so sweet*gg*
But in the end we have to trust Shonda... it is or was all in her hand and until now she did well, didn't she? ;) So I hope everything will be all right or at least Mer will be all right.


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Amelia: I think I'm falling in love with Owen Hunt, and I'm really afraid that it's gonna destroy me.
Derek: It wouldn't be love if it didn't.

When we say things like "people don't change" it drives scientist crazy because change is literally the only constant in all of science. Energy. Matter. It's always changing, morphing, merging, growing, dying. It's the way people try not to change that's unnatural. The way we cling to what things were instead of letting things be what they are. The way we cling to old memories instead of forming new ones. The way we insist on believing despite every scientific indication that anything in this lifetime is permanent. Change is constant. How we experience change that's up to us. It can feel like death or it can feel like a second chance at life. If we open our fingers, loosen our grips, go with it, it can feel like pure adrenaline. Like at any moment we can have another chance at life. Like at any moment, we can be born all over again.