Sanjaya Malakar, Amy Krebs, Blake Lewis Lead Seattle Contingent of American Idols

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The Seattle Business Wire has posted a released about the three Puget Sound area residents have been chosen to continue on in the American Idol semifinals.

Fans should be familiar with the first one: 17-year-old Sanjaya Malakar, who watched himself move on last week, a feat that elicited mixed emotion because he did so at the expense of his sister, who was sent home.

Malakar is from Federal Way, WA - and so is 22-year-old Amy Krebs. Pictured here, Krebs says she was "humming before she could talk" and has been dreaming of making it big ever since.

The third Washington state representative is 25-year-old Blake Lewis. He's originally from Bothell, a graduate of Inglemore High School. He told the Seattle FOX affiliate that he’s not happy Seattle got such a rap for bad singers.

“I'm upset with the stereotyping that gets done but that happens everywhere. What's the stereotype? That Seattle is just rock music? There's just so much more.”

Fans of American Idol will find that out as the competition heats up over the next few weeks.

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First of all,get your facts straight. Sanjaya is an American idol,born and raised here,and he is only half blood Indian,and Half Italian. Second I think now two years later,Am.Idol is still looking for a new Sanjaya.However, Sanjaya is impossible to duplicate. He is a once in a lifetime superstar.


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You are so pretty amy I love the song you did that go's Let me tell you baby the changes i've been going through listen you, listen you, till you come back to me thats what im going to do


Sanjaya Malakar Indian American Idol. Watch the video on


I love American Idol.
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