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the coach from Friday Night Lights is the man that held the bomb when it blew up in the hospital during the "Code Black" episode.


Hated Izzy's speech on so many levels I can't begin to list them.

I'm bummed about this show. Grey's was incredible seasons one and seasons two, but I feel this season and the last couple of episodes in particular are overly sensational and not up to the standards of quality that Grey's originally set. Over-the-top melodrama is a bad, bad sign.

Please, Shonda et. al., go back to the good ole days! I want to love this show again!


Oh man, the comments that Mer MUST know how to swim were absolutely hilarious and oh so true. I understand the "metaphor" that the writers are getting at by having her almost drown, but in their own words, SERIOUSLY?!?!? This show is requiring more suspension of disbelief every new episode.

On another note, Addison rocks! Her fretting over whether anyone would notice if she were missing was so touching (also, metaphor anyone: Alex pulled that Jane Doe out of the water, and now Addison admits to him she feels like a Jane Doe herself?). And when she jumps in to help work on Mer, and the concerned look she gave Derek. Fabulous.

And Izzie was so cute at times during this episode, the rockstar line was brilliant, but man oh man was she a jerk towards George. But nonetheless I like seeing her step up and be a voice of (semi)reason in a crisis.

This episode was definitely the best of the last few, but still not back to the level of the "old classics."


I loved this episode. one of the many reasons why this season has been so great. it had funny moments and of course very dramatic moments.

Meredith doing what she did was selfish on her part. it may not seem like it to her but she has people that truly love her all around her. it's obvious that Meredith will be on the show still but it was soo shocking that the writers would even consider doing what they did to the main character. i had tears in my eyes at the end where Meredith sees Denny and the Bomb Squad Guy. hoping that they'll help her see that she has people who care for her and they'll help her live.

Addison.... i love this woman more and more every episode. i admire her so much for helping Meredith after all that has happened b/t them.

Izzie was brilliant from helping the guy under the car to her speech she gave to everyone. if the writers even think about killing off Izzie ever they will get a foot where it hurts!!! i'm glad she said what she said to George about Callie b/c he was listening and she was trying to get a point across.

to see Cristina a wreck about possibly loosing with her "person" and crying was the most touching as well as seeing Alex cry b/c the dude is just stone.

Meredith is like the glue that holds the interns together. everyone goes to her when they have problems they've all talked and shared things at one time or another. She's touched everyone and it's sad to see that she doesn't feel like she's important. (that's how i see it anyway)


I don't think she's given up completely. So much has come back to her and dumped itself in her lap that she's been so overwhelmed. Rememeber, she told her mother that dealing with her is what basically broke her. I think she just needs time to heal from everything and get a clear head.

When it comes to Alex, the fact that he was sweet and understanding comes as no surprise. He has shown that side before, especially when it came to Izzie and even a little bit to Meredith. I think he's more just a little afraid of ending up like George, Cristina and Meredith.

They didn't have enough Cristina. That's all I have to say about that.

I do believe that Izzie was completely right in saying that George's marriage with Callie was a mistake and I do believe that that was the only time she could say it. How else would she have approached it. And I am completely in agreeance with her about Callie. But apparently the writers don't think so. George searched the entire hospital for that little boy and the entire time Callie had him. It's kind of metaphorically saying "Everything you need is right in Callie's hands."

Last thing, when Addison walked in on the doctors trying to save her she didn't freeze, she grabbed the chart and started suggesting things no one else had thought of. She always manages to stay calm and cool under pressure and I think (really, really, really hope) that is going to push her ahead to take over as chief.


the other guy was dylan, the bomb squad guy.


Mer is dark and twisty and yes, being bright and shiny isn't always a perfect fit, but this a deep search for her inner self, reflected back by spirits, guiding her back towards the light. I think she will see Ellis , and I believe Ellis will pass on during the surgery. Derek is the wheel to get Mer to solid ground. Alex was truly compassionate and passionate last evening, his growth has been tremendous. Cristina is going to forge Mer on and the staff, she loves Mer, probably more than Burke, in the sense of that special connectiion. Izzie , she Rocked!!! Stunning performance, Booyah! Mcsteamy definately sees her in a different and more respectful light! Mcsteamy showed great humility to extend himself to his longtime friend, but he's still an immature whore, living in his own shadow. Great episode and can't wait to see how everything knits together or apart !

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