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New Antonella Barba Photos Surface

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For now, Antonella Barba remains on American Idol.

Viewer feelings seem to be mixed about whether or not she ought to continue on the show after a few topless pictures surfaced.

Below, however, we've uncovered NEW Antonella Barba pictures. She isn't nude, but she's posing provacatively. Will such decisions force the hand of American Idol producers? Might this singer be booted off for reasons other than her lack of vocal talent? Only time will tell ...

Antonella, Exposed

Come Hither
Antonella Barba Nude

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You people who are giving this girl positive feed back are exactly what is wrong with society today. I believe that if someone is going to be a role model or an IDOL to others, especially young girls, than she shouldn't be posing in perverse photos like these. It is very sad what has happened to young women today. They are not acting like they respect themselves. There is a crotch shot of every young hollywood starlet circulating the internet. This is depressing women have no class anymore. You men that are commenting on how great she is and how hot she is know damn well that you would never want her for your girlfriend, let alone wife. She can go forth with whatever "adult" career she has in mind for herself, but I do not believe that she should use a family show like American Idol to get there.


These are hot who cares if this hoe can or can't sing this slut needs to get railed by Simon, Ryan and Randy .....Ballz


Mmmmmm. Mmmmmmm. I ama froma Naples, but I lova America! What is for lunch. I eata. Mangia. Mangia. I doa Gena Simmons from Kissa on Antonella. Lika gelato.


She is scrumptious! What a babe! I don't even watch Idol but she gets my vote.


I've read almost all of the replies on here and have come to the conclusion that the majority of the people who've come to judge are lucky that they're able to read the comments on here. Most of you cannot even form a sentance without misspellings. Sad. I came here simply to see what all the fuss was about. She's a beautiful young lady and she has a lovely voice. Who the hell are we to pass judgement on her? It's extremely sad that in this day and age young, beautiful women cannot feel safe when giving the man they "think" that they love intimate "boudoir" photos (for those of you who don't know what that is feel free to go to & expand your limited vocabulary). When I was young and still had a hard body I was able to get those for my (then) husband WITHOUT the worry that they'd get "out". No, I'm not from the last century :). So all of you women (I say "women" because in reading the blogs/replies it appears that most of the folks on here that are totally judgmental jackasses are females) who are judging try climbing down from your high-horses and take your self back in time. Way back for some of you, a couple of years for the rest. Do some REAL soul searching and be honest to YOU. What kind of trash could be put out about you? We all have "something". No matter how small or how large ... there is ALWAYS something. If not then you must be in a convent or living in a monastary; if either of those apply, I highly doubt you'd be reading any of these blogs. So grow the "F" up and take a big breath of reality.


Sounds like we have some jealous ladies on here. I can see why - AB is one beautiful, intelligent woman. Best of luck Antonella in all your future endeavours.


she might be hot but she cannt sing to save her close your eyes and open your ears......




Get over it people. If you think singing and sex don't go together like ham and eggs, you obviously don't look at the "art work" on albums, cd's, etc. Since when doesn't sex sell records. Beyond that, yes she's beautiful, yes you get to see her boobs, but so what?! Get over it people, it's a body...a beautiful body, but gosh, when are we as a society, going to get over our prudish attitudes about nudity. In Europe, and countries like Amsterdam, England and Spain, they are very open about sex and nudity and they have far fewer rapes, murders and other violent crimes than we here in the good ole USA. We put way too much emphasis on nudity and not nearly enough emphasis on more important things. Does anyone think that Shakira, Cher and all the other beautiful ladies of music don't use sex to help sell music and concert tickets? Get Real!


Look at the pictures. The one's revealing more nudity (#1, #2, #3) halfly don't even look completely like Antonella Barba. The eyes and nose are different. I'm guessing the last three pictures are Antonella, but the first three may or may not be. Probably a so-called friend wanted to satisfy their jealousy. I'm still voting for Antonella. Especially because I really don't think she's this type of person and was framed. Plus, American Idol is a singing competition. Don't even bring this type of thing into the competition.