Grey's Anatomy Stars at the Oscars

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Below are a few pictures we came across from Sunday's Academy Awards. While our favorite group of actors and actresses weren't honored - their small-screen talents were recognized at the SAG Awards and Golden Globe Awards, of course - some of them still attended the festivites.

In the first row, we have America's favorite TV couple, the lovely Ellen Pompeo and the handsome Patrick Dempsey. Below that, Ellen and her real-life McDreamy, fiance Chris Ivery, and below that, Eric Dane and his wife, Rebecca Gayheart. We'll post more as we come across them!

Grey's Anatomy Stars at the Oscars
Grey's Anatomy Stars at the Oscars 1
Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery
Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart

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Avatar Heres the link, I hope it works.


Actually, Patrick Dempseys wife was with him at the Oscars. I saw a clip on MSNBC under Entertainment and then click on Oscars and Al Roker was speaking to different people @ an after Oscars Party. AL Roker stopped and asked them what was the most exciting thing for them on Oscar Night and Patrick laughed and said."just getting out of the house" and they all started laughing! He was naturally his cute self!


I LIKE Ellen's dress....much better than the last awards show....but then, you know us Southern girls like ruffles, lol!...The men are quite dashing! Don't you know PD misses his wife tremendously at these things? Wonder how the twins are doing?


They all look great!! well maybe patrick looks just alitle better lol!!
Have Ellen died her hair darker??


Ellen looks like she's trying to channel Bjork and Fergie at the same time, which IS NOT a good thing. Sorry, but she has no appeal at all. Patrick just outshines the heck out of her! I wonder what she was whining and complaining about that night. Her boyfriend just looks so irritated all the time! That dress is almost as awful as that potato sack she wore to the Golden Globes!


Ellen has a great dress! Erics wife as well! Which sadly can't be said for all ladies who attended the Oscars! For example Jennifer Hudson! The dress she wore when she was singing was a lot better suitet for than the dress she wore during the awards! What was the designer thinking! But I guess that's a discussion for another thread!


I love Ellen Pompeo's dress she looks awesome! So does her hair. Patrick is looking good, as always! :)


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