Clay Aiken Shows Love for Jimmy Kimmel

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It's as friendly as a rivary can get.

Jimmy Kimmel showed up at a Clay Aiken appearance a few months ago and expressed his love for this laid back singer. Even it the action was meant to mock, it was done kindly enough.

Last night, season two's American Idol runner-up returned the favor. He showed up on the ABC late night talk show, chock full of love and affection. Just take a look:

Clay on Jimmy

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LOL That was really cute! I love Clay and Jimmy together! =D HiSTERiCAL!!!


your right clay is not fat it was great he made a song from the candy with more words to the song he can put it on his next cd how kool would that be. it was great to see him cant wait for his next tour


I saw the show and Clay Aiken was really funny. Tabloids are for people with too much time on their hands if you ask me. The guy seems genuinely nice.


Kimmel's show has become a regular stop for Clay when he goes to LA. Those 2 are hilarious. I loved the Valentine Heart Candy song. He looks so great too. HaHa at the stupid gossip papers. He isn't fat or any of the other stupid things they say. I feel sorry for Taylor though because it looks like the rags are starting to rag on him like they do Clay. Welcome to Stardom, Taylor.


What a goof!