Chris Daughtry on the Road: Where's my Razor?

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Chris Daughtry isn't burdened by heavy baggage.

The raspy-voiced singer, who last season placed fourth on American Idol, tells this week's Life magazine that when he hits the road all he needs are "a picture of my wife [Deanna], my computer, razors for my head, a Bible ... and I obviously have to get the clothes right."

Sing It, Chris!
He also wants to feel right, as reported by People magazine. Before each show, he says, "Normally I do pushups. I've been told that when you get the blood flowing through your body, you have more energy to sing better."

Though the last American Idol wrapped in May, Daughtry didn't sign an agreement with RCA Records chief Clive Davis and Idol creator Simon Fuller's label, 19 Recordings Unlimited until July. The result was his platinum-selling debut album, Daughtry.

"I'm just grateful I didn't wait for something to fall into my lap," he now says. "I took advantage of the opportunity."

Nor is the North Carolina native sorry he married at the relatively young age of 20. "I felt like I didn't need to look anymore, that this was the person I was supposed to be with. If you know that, then you just go with it," he says.

His children – Hannah, 10, and Griffin, 8 – are also musical, he says. "Absolutely. My daughter loves Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood ... There are so many singers my daughter wants to use me for – Hilary Duff, everybody in High School Musical, Hannah Montana. You name it, she's all over it."

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