Blake Lewis: More Than Just a Human Beatbox

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Don't get us wrong. We love the beatboxing. But it's not as though Blake Lewis can't carry a tune, as well.

Blake Lewis
Originally from Bothell, Washington, Blake was passed through to Hollywood at the Seattle America Idol auditions. For someone who started singing at the age of five, it was a long time coming.

When asked who his favorite male pop stars are, Lewis had an interesting answer. Sure, he's a fan of the usual: Sting, Duncan Sheik and Jason Mraz. But he also gave credit to a pair of fellow American Idol contestants:

  • Blake named the band Half Past Forever as an influence. That group's lead singer? Chris Sligh.
  • He also pointed to M-Pact, the band fronted by Rudy Cardenas.

It's nice to see the hopefuls giving credit to one another, even as they compete to move on. And it's obvious Lewis will be among the front-runners as American Idol continues.

We can't wait.

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Ok-first of all, I don't watch AI b/c I think it's tired and I'm not into reality tv. That being said, after hearing a local radio station play Blake's performance of Keane, I'm all over the web now trying to find out about him and AI season 6. This has NEVER happened before but hearing him sing 1-took my breath away and 2- made me have to fan myself. I thought what a beautiful voice. Maybe it was because I heard it on the radio, but I've downloaded the song and now I actually think he sounded better than the original. Does anyone know where I can go to listen to him sing that song again? BEAUTIFUL!!!!!


The song is called Somewhere only we know
by Keane... amazing song..i love it..i was so suprised he can sing that well!!!i say he will be a finalist:P if not win!!


This guy is good.


heyy ppl i think we think that BLAKE LEWIS IS SOO0o0o0o effin H.O.T. HOTTTT!!!!!


Yeah, i'm looking for that song, what's it called?


OMG!he iz so hot!i love that song he sang.thanx for tellin us katrina!i have always loved that song but couldnt remember it for the life of me KYRA xoxo


KEANE "Somewhere Only We Know"


I have been searching every place I can think of trying to find that song. I promise once I do I will come back and tell you all. I feel in love with it as well. I think it may be called Let me In.....unknown singer. If you guys find it first please come post it here as well......thanks


OOPS ! sorry ... I was talking about Blake Lewis. LOL!


I just love this guys voice ! AND I have to have the song that he sang tonight. What was it called ? Pretty please anyone!! STUNNING SONG !