Go On. Ask Katherine Heigl Anything!

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Ms. Heigl
Want to ask Katherine Heigl a question?

Send it via video and she might answer it live on Good Morning America, on which she will appear Thursday morning. It's actually pretty simple to do, so if you're up to it, follow the instructions here.

In case that isn't enough for your Heigl fix, Katherine will also be on The Late Show with David Letterman Thursday evening! The acclaimed star of Grey's Anatomy, who also has a new movie - Knocked Up - due out this year, continues to be a hot commodity.

No complaints here.

In other Katherine news, her Escada Gown from the Golden Globe Awards is currently up for bids at Clothes Off Our Back, along with other items. Proceeds from the auction, which ends March 15, benefit children's charities.

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yeah..let us be fair here
IW lacks good judgement too...He could have handled this sooooo much better..He should have used a publicist and do damage control.... I have to agree with ppl..IW made a horrible mistake..he was not being smart.. but then again..there is no way i would watch the show if he is fired...becasue IW is an immensley talented actor...he has great chemistry with Sandra oh...and i think that saves her bad looks.. I am so sorry..I know i sound mean..but seriously..Sandra Oh is just not good looking at all..when i see a couple, i want to see someone pretty....but then again..Sandra Oh is incredibally talented...so i have to hand it to her though..


Well I think the IW fans just proved my point :) KH does not lack discretion. If memory serves the whole thing got blown up again because of IW's complete LACK of discretion at the GG Press Room. Katherine reacted to that as any decent friend would do. Since then she has been asked about it again and has responded honestly. She has made no detrimental comments and has said repeatedly she hopes everything can be worked out. Also I find it very worrying that some people find it impossible to distinguish between characters and actors. They are not the same folks. Just because Izzie acted selfishly, what the hell has that got to do with Katherine? If Izzie was asked to murder McDreamy with a machete does that make Katherine a murderer. What a crazy analogy. How Izzie is behaving or has behaved has nothing to do with Katherine. Of course there has been a massive over reaction to what IW said. I do not want him to leave the show and I am sure none of the cast do either. Noone wants to see someone lose their job - he is a good actor. But his track record of being difficult to work with is well documented. Even people he has worked with on previous projects have called him a hot head. I don't believe he is homophobic but I do believe he has problems controlling his temper. If he can make peace with the cast then everything will be resolved. Let us hope that is the case.


People, people. The point of this post is that KH is doing two interviews Thursday, and that in the first one, she will be answering fan questions on the air, which is pretty cool. I GUARANTEE you they will not be choosing IW-related questions to show on the air, even if people send those in, and that everyone (KH included) wants to drop it at this point. Looking forward to seeing her interviews. It's nice that she donated her GG dress for charity too!


even is 74% say they would continue to watch the show if IW were to leave they don't want to lose 26% of viewers that is a lot of viewers and would knock them out of the top spot. Thank you Karen for saying those things about Cristina. People tend to like KH on her looks and she is quoted because of that she is not a main character and her role this year has not been important. She was awful last week when George married Callie does she forget what she did end of last season.


KH lacks discretion, I believe she was hired as an actor to play a part in GA and not spokesperson for GA. As for you Mark, your comments illustrates your judgemental character and your lack of understanding, compassion and respect for others opinions without having to resort to name calling IW's fans as nuts for showing compassion for his situation. If you believe that IW and his fans are nuts, you aren't too far as you must recognize that trait in yourself. As it seems a lot of IW detractors continue to illustrate about themselves by continuing to rant about what they perceive to be a grave injustice.


You know, I used to like KH a lot. I used to like Izzie a lot. But you know what? Izzie is on my blacklist now..She is just SO SELFISH....I mean..have you seen the way she treated Cristina when Burke's hand tremor got out? That was so horrible!!! You know what? I think amongst all, Cristina is actually one of the most generous character on set. She has a rough exterior she doesn't let her gentle side out...But she is generous and kind..and she is NOT FAKE...seriously, how could George say that Cristina's career wasn't on the line when she lied to him? That is BS....Cristina put her career on the line when she was trying to hide Burke's tremor. If something had gone wrong, Cristina would be hurt more becasue she just started her career whereas Burke is already established


Hi TheDirtyMistress, I hope you are right. I hope they have let it go. You may be right that Isaiah fans are over reacting. I do think, though, that by "taking up for her friend" as you say, she was making the situation worse for her other castmate. As fans of the show who fervently hope that they can all come to an understanding and stay together, anything that seems counter to that seems threatening. I just hope that it doesn't come up in her questions from fans, but believe that it probably will. That is what we are reacting to. We do not trust her to look out for us as fans by not taking sides in something that the parties involved should deal with and resolve. She wasn't on the set. She doesn't really know what happened but is chosing to side with one castmate over another. We would love to let it go, but we are not the ones keeping it going. Here is an example. A new issue of US came out today. On page 10 a picture of Burke in his multicolored scrub cap reporting from a poll that they apparently ran about whether or not you would watch Grey's without Isaiah. According to their poll 74% said they would. These polls are open to anyone who can vote multiple times. Therefore if you are a gay person or even just a fan of TR who is out for revenge you can certainly stack this poll against Isaiah. You don't even have to be someone who watches Grey's to begin with. I have seen multiple polls on the internet, one on this very website, with about a 70 to 30 vote to keep Isaiah on the show, but this is not what they report. On page 26 there is a cute picture of Chandra Wilson saying she gave props to "the one in rehab" but that later Katherine Heigle noted, "We don't know when he'll be back or for how long." She said other nicer things in that interview, too, but this is the only sound bite that the media remembers and keeps repeating. In addition, she didn't say it after Chandra's acceptance speech, she said it on the red carpet before the show. But, the writers deliberately wanted to leave a negative impression with the reader. Page 47 a really nice picture of Isaiah with the caption Isaiah Washington's Next Move telling about the whole incident all over again. Assuming that because TR thought he overheard the word that Isaiah must be lying and reporting a source close to Washington saying he is in treatment for one reason only, to save his job. It is a very negatively slanted little blurb supposedly quoting some unnamed source. Oh they also mention that at the after party after the SAGs none of the cast brought up Isaiah so they must not be missing him. This came from another unnamed source who must have stayed with every single person from the cast for every single minute if we are to believe the article. This was a negative, slanted, piece of journalistic crap and the kind of thing we have been subjected to for months now. Then let's see on page 79 some LA psychologist who has obviously never watched the show says that Burke and Cristina's marriage does not have a good chance because from her perspective Burke proposed to save the relationship. Apparently she has not watched that they have loved each other for three seasons. Oh, she also says that George and Callie have hope because she has been there for him. Apparently she doesn't know that she has only been there for him for the two episodes prior to the proposal. I'm sure this magazine believes this is good reading and they are jumping on the crucify Isaiah bandwagon. But for loyal fans of his, this gets very hard to read because we do not believe it even comes close to representing who Isaiah Washington is as an actor or as a man. So, I am sorry if I become defensive. Isaiah fans have reason to be and I really hope that Katherine does not use this as another opportunity to discredit someone I care about.


Burke Backer I agree with you We as Burke fans are loyal to the Burke and Cristina pair KH has been quoted alot and it hasn't been positive I don't trust that she won't say anything again her character is similar to her character on the show hypocritical and judgmental.


just because you can ask her any question you want does not mean that it's going to be about the incident. she said her two cents and it wasn't in a hateful manner. she said she hoped isaiah got the so called help that he needed. she never intended for her words to be flipped. she was taking up for a friend. you see as your flipping her words around it's probably the same thing that happened to IW. shes not bringing it back up .. you all are. they've already let go ..


I think it is you, Mark. Isaiah is not nuts and neither are his fans. We are loyal to an actor that has been treated poorly by the press over something that should have been a non issue to begin with. I am hoping, right along with other Isaiah fans that Katherine has had enough publicity at Isaiah's expense and that this very unclassy lady does not say anything further to stir up the ashes of old news. We don't trust her to use good judgment. She has already shown us that she cannot be trusted not to take sides and keep bad feelings going. You don't crack me up, Mark. I think you comment was rude. Isaiah fans have been through the wringer for something that TR and KH simply do not want to let go of. We feel protective of him.

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