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American Idol Controversy: Topless Antonella Barba Pictures Surface

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Remember Frenchie Davis, American Idol watchers?

Those that do pretty much only recall this contestant as the singer that got disqualified for posing in her lingerie years before the competition.

Antonella Barba hopes she doesn't become a similar victim.

Pictures of the semi-finalist have surfaced on the Internet. We're not judging, just presenting them to fans so they can have an idea of what we're talking about.

Antonella is second from the right. Could she follow Akron Watson out the door? Or will producers give the girl a break? She is covering up, after all...

Antonella Barba, Topless

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it goes to show no one can be trusted not even your owen friends


A reward should be posted as to who defamed her like this and she can sue them. What a bunch of scumbag friends to do this to her.


Who cares about the pictures!!! Everyone has pictures of themselves they wish weren't taking. She hasn't don't anything most people haven't done in there life. The end of Antonella's problem is she can't sing. The girl people should be talking about is the poor little blonde girl, Bailey, that was in her group during Hollywood week. Now she had a pretty voice!! I wish she would have gotton a new group!! hopefully she'll try again next year.


They should cover themselves with shirts from


Stupid bimbo, I hope she gets kicked off, she can't sing, she's not THAT pretty either, and she's clearly a slut. Please just get her off TV already!.


This is just an attempt to get her name on broad spectrum searches and drum up support for the bimbo....


My wife told me to kiss her where it stinks so I drove her to Jersy. southern fried


Some1 just leaked out Antonella Barba's pics that have been circling around to get her kicked off the show. Her private life is hers and hers only. She has a great personality. People should be thinking about that. And she has a GREAT voice. She didn't pick the right song in her last performace but shes still a great singer. I hope people can stop the picture controversy.


wow, i have never watched the show. making it official that i really hate the show.


The chick on the far right is so hot it's killing me. I'm in love!!!!!