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American Idol Controversy: Topless Antonella Barba Pictures Surface

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Remember Frenchie Davis, American Idol watchers?

Those that do pretty much only recall this contestant as the singer that got disqualified for posing in her lingerie years before the competition.

Antonella Barba hopes she doesn't become a similar victim.

Pictures of the semi-finalist have surfaced on the Internet. We're not judging, just presenting them to fans so they can have an idea of what we're talking about.

Antonella is second from the right. Could she follow Akron Watson out the door? Or will producers give the girl a break? She is covering up, after all...

Antonella Barba, Topless

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I wish people would forgive me and just judge me on my singing talent! I was drunk when I sucked that dick..... :-o I really am a true American Idol.


I think Antonella is very horny and needs to cool off.. I'm gonna vote for her on Idol :)


I am a fan of Antonella. She deserves a break. Get REAL! Our kids of this generation live to express themselves. Our kids of this generation will not nor will ever have a chance to be exposed to the 'free range' that anyone in the '60s, '70s, '80s or '90s were exposed... Can you imagine the photos from the '60s through the '80s if we all ran around with digital cameras!!!! From weed to coke to abusuvie drinking; look at the stats of drug and drinking use over the decades! Can you imagine the $$$$ she will make from this - good for her! look at Paris 'slut' hitton. Scary to think what this inocent babe will get... a fan, get real and stop judging you losers!


You don't have to be a parent to not want someone like this to be a role model for children. Although I can most definitely see how some of the photos can be false and super-imposed, some of them appear to be very real and I feel she is posing way too provocatively to be anyone's idol!! I wouldn't go so far to to call her skanky or a slut as some people have been. However, her behavior is completely irresponsible and she deserves all of the negative repercussions she gets as a result of them!! Too many people her age act without thinking of the consequences...hopefully this will be a life lesson that will be learned from.


"Let him that is without sin cast the first stone."


well all i can say, is antonella is sooooo hot. anyone know the website of her nude pics?


After wiping my keyboard clean I noticed that these pictures arent really that bad or provocative. The only complaint I have from the beach picture is that they shoulda cut out the fat chick on the right, I didnt know that Antonella knew Rickie Lake!!


go to - looks like this is a bit of self-promotion to me - something that her airhead friend Amanda probably told her would "boost" her popularity on Idol. The pix on that website look like a *very* amateur attempt at a portfolio. It's enough to get her talked about, but not enough to get her thrown off the show. Now the one that might be her thrown off the show is the blow-job shot, but there is no way to say with a 100% degree of certainty that it's her - it's only a side view, and it could be any other brunette. Idol's not worried about her - she's not going to go that far.


Someone way up there said it right in an ealier comment (I think it was Willy) - why is the U.S. of A. so hung up about nudity? You know, in Europe, and most of the civilized world (I don't put the U.S.A. in that category - civilized countries don't spend half their GNP on weapons and military crap and attack other countries for no reason) nudity is okay. It's natural. Of course, the hypocracy of America is that in spite of our religious-brainwashed hangups about nudity, you sure see plenty of cleavage and ALMOST nudity on TV and in the malls everyday. What a contradictory society we live in today! I guess nutty is a better word. And I have to live here! Please help me! Well, let's remember as Simon would say, "This is a singing competition" and let's get on with it, shall we?


The "BJ" photo shows the woman has small boobs, Antonella appears to have large boobs so it doesnt look like it is her in the BJ photo....