A Second Death to Come Thursday?

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After last week's shocking ending, Grey's Anatomy fans are understandably desperate to learn the fate of Meredith Grey.

A Second Death to Come Thursday?
Will she be revived despite her dangerously low body temperatures, or will she, Denny and Dylan have an eternity to get better acquainted? Will the Seattle Grace world return to normal next Thursday night, or will the show have to be renamed Yang's Anatomy?

Meredith is dead. Shonda Rhimes says she doesn't play by the rules, and backed up that statement by killing the show's title character. However, the door was clearly left open for Dr. Grey to be revived, and many of us remain optimistic that it will happen.

In fact, it's practically spelled out for us in the title of the February 22 episode, "Some Kind of Miracle." At the same time, ABC and a number of other sources have tried to play down this angle by pointing out that at the end of "Some Kind of Miracle," somebody is going to be dead.

But will it be Meredith Grey?

Inside sources such as Kristin Veitch at E! Online (who accurately outlined the return of Denny Duquette) and Michael Ausiello at TV Guide believe it won't be. The death that sticks will probably be that of another character.

Mer's mother, Dr. Ellis Grey, who we listed at the top of our official Grey's Anatomy Death Watch odds from last week, seems like a strong candidate, with major surgery on the horizon especially.

Still, there's plenty of speculation that it's one of the principal cast members who passes on. Spoilers only tell you so much, and after last week's "Drowning On Dry Land," we wouldn't put anything past the producers. We'll have to wait and see what happens Thursday to know for sure.

McDreamy Tries to Revive Meredith

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I agree that killing off Meredith would be suicide for the show. One of the most interesting aspects of the show is the whole Meredith and Derek relationship.


I think that Meredith will be ok. Hypothermia is sort of like a "refridgerator: for the body. I also think that although Shonda goes out on a limb with alot of her storylines, she is not a dumb woman. I think she knows that killing off Meredith would be "suicide" for the show. I don't think Burke will bite the dust either. I agree with most people put there, I don't have much respect for Issiah Washington I do like Burke alot. He has shown Christina what it is like to be loved. I love those two together. I don't tink Christina fits with anyone else. He will allow her to become the great surgeon that she wants to be and "hire a wife" too!!!! (love that line she used). I am pulling for Meredith. I love MerDer together. If this didn't work out, lots and lots of viewers would be disappointed enough to move on. I was one of those people who stopped watching ER when George Clooney and Julianna Margiolis left the show.......... Until tonight......


hello, I just gotta say this is the best show EVER! I am from Norway so here on television they have'nt even started on season 3!!!! but I have seen the whole season 3 to now anyway because I found it on the internett. I have gone this whole week now worrying if Mer is going to die or not! I cried so much in that last episode, and I just really think that it would be so sad if she died. Now that finally she and Der have come back togeheter it would just be stupid to kill her.... And if she dies I would defently be so diapointet and sad, she and Der is my favorite couple and I love them so much! unfortunetly I know that the episode is shown in the U.S tonight, but I want get to see it before tomorow. :(
And that just makes me really upset, so I was wondering if anyone of you could write just what happens and if she dies or not! I'm sorry if you does'nt quite understand all that I have been writing, I'm only 14 and I'm not so good in english soo...
But G.A 4 ever (L) And Mer/Der (L)


Hi Shell, I'm glad that you are able to separate your feelings about Isaiah from your feelings about Burke. I wish more people could do that. I am on pins and needles worrying about this. I just wish that someone from Grey's would let us know if he is going to stay or go so all of this awful speculation would stop. Although people kind of blew the entire thing out of proportion, the bottom line would probably be if ABC really did have grounds for dismissing him and I don't believe they do. I actually like Isaiah very much. I don't think he has any history of making homophobic comments or of being disrespectful to gay people. I really don't. Nothing came out from his past that would lead us to think this even after the incident in October and you can bet that the media was trying its best to find something. He made one comment spoken in anger, not to TR, and then used the word again trying to dispell the media attention by saying he wasn't calling TR that word back in October. I honestly don't understand why people would think by saying I didn't call a castmate that word, that it is the same thing as calling someone that word. It doesn't make sense to me. It was not the appropriate time to address it and clearly TR heard the original incident differently back in October, but there really is only one incident where Isaiah may have used that word in a derrogatory way. The other time he was defending himself. Although I know we have been over this ground so many times in the past, in my honest opinion TR was as much at fault for the media circus as Isaiah. Actually more at fault. I will never know why he didn't just consider the circumstances when the word was used, if it was used, and address it right then and there rather than going to the media to make an example of his castmate. I have nothing but respect for Isaiah and his attempts to make amends for this whole thing. So, I am worried for the actor as well as for the character. But, we can agree to disagree about the actor. Regardless, we are both in agreement that we should not lose the character of Burke because of this, provided the cast can make make up and continue to work together and it appears that they have and can from everything we have heard over the last couple of weeks. So, I am still hopeful that this will pass and that fans of the show will again be able to embrace the character of Burke because he really is a beautifully created and acted character regardless of how people feel about the actor personally. Thank you for that.


This is my theory:
1.Meredith is revived (by Derek) after a final plea from Christina to "try one more time".
2.The pregnant woman will be the one to die, but then again it could be Ellis. Neither would make a huge impact. Maybe the little boy, Chris, who George found last week in surgery with Callie? George did promise the boy's mother that her son was ok just before she headed into surgery. I am pretty hopeful that all the main characters will be safe. Meredith could be in a coma which is a story line from my other favorite show, Desperate Housewives, so I hope they don't go with that one. Boring. And I hope she doesn't have amnesia, again, boring. I guess we'll all see, but not soon enough. Only 10 hrs and 52 mins!!


This week has been H_ _ _ for me. I 'm up all hours of the nite, and some part of everyday my mind goes into Grey's World. I cannot wait for tomorrow nite. I have to have Mer back. And I need Der to be there with her also. I really believe Cristina will save the day. I just Love their friendship/sisterly bonding SOoo Much. I do not believe Cristina will not fight to bring Mer back. Tonite I here about a spin off show from Grey's. I have mixed feeling about that. My feeling right now are, if it aint broke, don't fix it. A spin off of WHO? Everyone has an important roll to play right now. and I would like to see where some of the relationships are going. ( Do the words follow thru mean anything) I have said before this show is awesome and I expect it to go on for at least 10 yrs. I really want to see Mer and Der get married in a few yrs and have a baby. And I would love to see Cristina and burke Married and Cristina become the high profile Surgeon, that I know she can become. I would like to see Addison and Mark try and make a go of it, even for a short time.
A spin off in the middle of everything going great, I don't know about that. I just love the show SOoo much , that it is a little hard for me to except any kind of change that would effect the chemisrtry of the couples. Plus on top of everything else, for ALL of us Mer and Der fans we have been waiting patiently for pure romance,love,SEX and PASSION between these two. And not just one episode,but for quite a few. Well I going now, it's after 1:00am in the morning ,here in Phila. Those of you that are still up Have a good nite.


There are so many rumors going around the internet it's enough to make your head spin. First of all Meredith is'nt going to die I have to much faith she will not. But I want Derek to be there when she comes to and I do'nt want her in a coma or suffer memory loss. Her and Derek have been through enough already let's leave them alone for a while a long while. Also why is people thinking Burke is going anywhere even though he had some issues and made some bad choices he is an equal asset to the show and Burktina is my second most favorite couple and I hope they work through their problems. As much as I would love for Kate's spin off to be a success I hate to lose any of this great cast. Im even coming around to liking Callie and Mark ever so slowly. But it took most of season 2 for me to like Addison because she caused problems for my beloved MerDer my #1 couple. What I would like to see a little ways down the road is a double wedding with MerDer & Burktina I think that would be to awesome right now both couples have alot to work out before anyone get's married. But that is just me and now that I've had my chances to vent we will just have to wait and see what the rest of the season has to bring.


umm i def dont want meredith to die
acutally i dont want anyone to die
and i know it makes sense that Burke dies cause of everything going on but that would be very disapointing because his character is AMAZING.


I do think Meredith will make it- that would be a death wish for the show to kill off the main character of a hit drama. It would lose half its audience. I am thinking maybe it will be Callie/ George/ Izzie that bites the bullet. I think with them showing Izzie trashing Callie it will cause a huge fight, and then one of them dies leaving the others to feel horrible. I hope not though, George cant take much more. But then again, maybe thats it. Maybe Meredith being dead for the time being is too much and he kills himself. Or Denny is back to be reunited with Izzie..... I cant wait to see!


Does anyone think it's kind of ironic about Meredith drowning? In the second season where she asks Derek what she was to him, if she was just the girl he screwed to get over being screwed, and he said she was like a breath of fresh air. It was like he was drowning and she saved him. I thought it was pretty ironic that now she is drowning and he saved her

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Meredith (closing voiceover)

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