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T.R. Knight Set to Appear on Ellen DeGeneres Show Tomorrow

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The Insider has learned that T.R. Knight, who plays Dr. George O'Malley, will be appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show tomorrow, January 17.

It will be interesting to see a sit-down interview with Knight, who is one of the Grey's Anatomy cast members about whom relatively little is known.

T.R. Knight Set to Appear on Ellen DeGeneres Show Tomorrow

A stage actor before appearing on the hit series, and a man who maintains a low profile, the 33-year-old Minnesota native admitted he is gay last fall - stating that he hopes that isn't seen as the most important part of him. It's not, and this interview with Ellen will hopefully enable fans to find out a lot more about this talented performer.

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This is posted pretty late in the year. All I can say
is if Is was Washington aka Isaiah was called the nasty
word white people call African Amercians aka Black people, you better believe that
HE WOULDN'T leave it lay either, We stick up for our kind,
as they stick up for their kind. Its really sad! But its
part of our heritage. Live with it, deal with it. By the
Way TJ aka GEORGE, I love your acting and your personality
on the show. Keep up the good work.. Oh yeah, and if Washington did get canned. so be it.. Life goes on, maybe next time he will watch his mouth. Someone should of stuck
a bar of soap in it..


heyy tj knight u are the amazingist person in the whole movie and u are super hot


OK! PLEASE! get over it! you are loosing credibility quick! and by the way! I hope as you are throwing a tantrum over this comment you can look deep into yourself! and ask yourself!??? have you been perfect!? have you ever said horrible things about other people!???? could you have possibly hurt someones feelings?? BY using your rights as an american! FREEEDOM OF SPEECH! Just as you have the right to be gay! so does someone to not be gay! I actually have a sister who is gay! I am all for it! whatever makes you happy! BUT be very careful not to be a hippocrite! be very careful! are you mother teresa! and have never spoken an ill word! PROBABLY NOT! you are human also!
WHY dont you use this great needed media time to collect money for homeless? for aids victims? for abused children! my goodness! You have it pretty good! you are acting like a spoiled brat!!!!!! Imagine a penny for every second of this ridiculous story! and how the total of those pennies could actually help the world be a better place! NOt Isaiah going to therapy! that is insane! Your network and show need therapy! Maybe as a medical show for entertainment ! could raise money for the poor children that cannot get medical care! how about that tragedy! some on Rise up and grow up! You live in the wonderful FREE USA! you have a wonderful job! use your media time wiser!


They are both amazing actors. Once again, Isaiah did not deny using the word, he denied calling TR the word. TR may have heard incorrectly. This was something inappropriate, but not illegal. Firing someone over an inappropriate comment would be a horrible precedent to set in a country that prides itself on freedom of speech. I'm sorry that TR was offended by something that Isaiah said that was not even directed at him. But, be a man. Find out if it was even meant or just spouted off in anger. Let the person know that it offended you and expect an apology, and then when one is given for goodness sakes get over it.


ok. I know this is realy old news, but all I have to say is, "Why does he have to be gay! He's way to cute!" and on ellen, he was awesome! He's to sweet to be called a faggot. That's so mean. And then at the Golden Globes, Isaiah deny's that he said it. I don't know. Though it's old news, i think there should be SOMTHING done to Isaiah. Maybe not FIRED, though, that would be great, he does deserve it, but just somthing done. Because that's just an uncalled for thing to do. Well, before i get angry, TR is an amazing actor! Especially this season!


actually he said they weren't fighting because he was late.


You're right, I wasn't there but I did hear Knight speak of the incident today on the Ellen show. He said as he was arriving late to work he heard Washington call him that name. He even said that he had never been called that to his face and he didn't know what to say.
And you're also right, the media is very misleading and can change a story in an instant. But it is old news and I am not arguing if it happened or not, I am saying that it's quite unfortunate. Can't wait to get back to the show!


Wow Angie, I didn't say them. You're are quite defensive. I think it's very unfortunate that there are so many negative attitutes in this world, and the nasty words stop one word at a time! I'm just glad that T.R. didn't fight one negative with another one.


No one deserves to be called any nasty words but it happens everyday. Oh, and what exactly were those words? You were there, right, Lacey. Or is this a game of telephone. Can we grow up please. Since when did the media become trustworthy.


I did see T.R. on the Ellen show today, I am very proud of the way he handled the situation. He didn't have alot to say, but it made him look like a very big person. I would have a couple things to say about the issue, but he did take the higher road! I'm very proud of the way that he handled the unfortunate situation, I'm just sorry that he has to work w/Washington on a daily basis. T.R. seems like a very nice guy and no one deserves to be called those nasty words!