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I am with you married-to-mcdreamy (and i am going to use the name alexison) i can't wait for alexison to pickup where they left off. and i don't want george to be with callie....go back to oliva.....
I hope that someone says uncle really soon with burktina...
I hope that merder can figure outh the snoring thing soon to because i am with mer about the abandonment issues....i would need him in bed too.


I was not disappointed this was a great episode and I can't wait to see the final part. Meredith and Derek were to funny when it came to her snoring. Meredith also looks like she might give her dad a chance I hope so. A lot of my fears about Burke and Cristina were eased last night as well. They maybe stubborn but they really do love each other. I wonder if this means also we get to see Burke's parents again. I was really surprised Izzy was'nt as emotional as I expected but Katie did a good job with her crying scene. I was'nt sure about Addie and Alex but they changed my mind last night. I also can't wait to see what this baby issue is all about. And finally poor George you could'nt help but cry with him and that scene with his dad talking about accidently killing his dog it was a real father son moment. I think the rest of the season is going to get better and better.


Mark is all bent out of shape because Addison got pregnant with his baby [or Dereks but Mark doesn't know that] and he moved across the country to be with Addie. I'm not sure if Addison lost that baby [remember the episode where she started crying when the pregnant women fell in the shower and lost hers and Addison was bawling in the bathroom] or if she had an abortion because she didn't want to have Marks baby [because he isn't ready for commitment; and if it was Dereks then obviously because they are now divorced] It makes sence for him to be mad but I don't like how hes treating everyone.. I mean Mark has no one!! I don't blame him for the way he acts even though it makes him very unlikable and an ass he will come around just like Addison did...

I guess we will just have to wait till next episode to see how this unravels!! [Those are just my speculations that I have been building up on since Mark moved here and off of the way Addison has been acting]

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