Katherine Heigl Criticizes Remark, Would "Throw Down" For T.R. Knight

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Katherine Heigl, Isaiah Washington
It's the feud that wouldn't die.

Much as we would love to stop writing about this incident, the parties involved (and, to some extent, the mainstream media) make it impossible to ignore.

That's right, as many fans already know, there's trouble brewing among the cast of Grey's Anatomy. Again. And this time, another cast member - Katherine Heigl - is in the fray, albeit voluntarily.

At the Golden Globe Awards Monday, Heigl slammed co-star Isaiah Washington for using a slur regarding fellow cast member T.R. Knight, who he was denying using said slur against in the first place.

At issue was a statement Isaiah Washington made in the Golden Globes press room when he was asked about the alleged on-set incident between himself and Knight last fall, which preceded Knight's public coming out.

"No, I did not call T.R. a faggot," he said, according to Access Hollywood. "Never happened, never happened."

Heigl, who is close friends with T.R. Knight, criticized Washington's statement.

"I'm going to be really honest right now, he needs to just not speak in public. Period," she said. "I'm sorry, that did not need to be said, I'm not okay with it."

Asked if Knight's feelings were hurt by the comment, she said: "I don't see how you could not be under those circumstances."

Heigl, who was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series (Grey's Anatomy was named Best TV Drama), added that she didn't know exactly what to make of the comment, but hoped the cast would work through the incident like a family.

"I have no idea what it was, I just find it hurtful... I just feel like this is something that should be very much in house we need to deal with and it's among us, the cast and crew and among Shonda Rhimes (the show's creator) and the producers," she said.

Still, she was adamant that she'd stand up for Knight anytime.

"I don't think [Washington] meant it the way it came off, but T.R. is my best friend. I will throw down for that kid. I will beat you up. I will use every ounce of energy I have to take you down if you hurt his feelings," she said.

For his part, Washington continued to address questions about the alleged on-set incident, later telling Access Hollywood:

"There is no way I could do anything so vile, and so horrible, not only to a castmate, but to a fellow human being. It did not happen. The reports were all wrong... I'm very disappointed that the New York Post actually wrote legitimately about something that was put in a tabloid about some angry person to get some validity to this, and then it just rippled."

He also said that he has completely made up with fellow co-star Patrick Dempsey after a scuffle prompted the alleged remark about Knight.

"I kiss Patrick Dempsey," said Washington. "We sing 'Ebony and Ivory' every day since the so-called incident and it hasn't come up."

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Thank you Burke Backer that's why your one of my favorites. Your the best you tell it like it is.


Steve, It is exaggerations and misrepresentations by people in the media that have made this argument back in October into something so major to begin with. It is because of inflammatory word choice that the media has made it into something unforgivable and we are buying into it. "if you watch the clip on the HFPA web site you will see the looks of horror on the cast face." I watched it and they were looking down with no expression at all. I certainly did not see any looks of horror. Do you believe they had looks of horror on their faces because the Eonline reporter said so? Are you that guillible? I watched them they did not. He can exaggerate, but it does not make it true. Did they look uncomfortable? Were they taken by surprise? They really looked kind of blank. " Kudos to Katie for having the guys to say something. She rocks and was just looking out for her friend who was visibly upset." I watched the tape and you could not even see TR on it when Isaiah made his comments, nor could you see Katie. They were on the far leftside and the cameras were focused on the microphone n the center. Why do you think TR looked visibly upset? Was it because Ausiello told you he did? In the picture frame they showed Shonda, Isaiah, Chandra, Eric, Patrick. The cameras were all pretty much focused on Isaiah and Shonda. Now if Ausiello was a reputable reporter rather than someone out to dig up dirt and crucify Isaiah, I might believe he had a better vantage point and so saw that he was visibly upset. But at this point I don't believe a word he says. The media just ate this up with a spoon. Dissention. The stuff headlines and tabloid stories are made of. Oh, let's make a huge deal out of it. Isaiah used the word faggot again. He even said TR's name in the same sentence even though he was saying he never called TR that word to begin with. Surely that means he once again called TR a faggot. The fact that he didn't is beside the point. Let's just say he did and most of the people out there will believe us no matter what they saw with their own eyes. If we say it loud enough and often enough, they will believe us. Isaiah. I'm surprised he is allowed out on the streets. He must be like Saddam Hussein. He must be a Charles Manson. He must be the worst person on the planet. He used the word faggot. Crucify him. Oh my goodness, TR has his feelings hurt again. Call super Katie to swoop in and make threats against Isaiah. Doesn't that make her a heroine? Doesn't that make poor, poor TR a hero? Can't we all see what this is doing to the show we profess to love? Get a grip people. I don't believe Isaiah called TR a faggot, but even if he did, it is not the workings of a dangerous, violent person who should be incarcerated or at the very least fired because he is too hurtful to be around other people. Get a little perspective. I venture that not one person calling for Isaiah's head has not called someone a less than complementary name in their life when they did mean it to hurt and offend, let alone used a negative name in anger not directed at anyone or meant to hurt anyone. Should Isaiah be fired. No way. Should TR and Isaiah have a chance to resolve this situation without interference from all of the media in the free world, half of the GA fans, and Katie Heigl. Absolutely.


Purplemerder, Doesn't it depend on whose interpretation of what happened you believe? "It makes it really bad that he did indeed say it and then publically denied it." Isaiah did not deny using the word faggot. He denied calling TR Knight a faggot. I think they are both being truthful from their own perspective.


Homnoir, You said: "the most ironic thing here to me is that Isaih Washington portrayed a gay character in Spike Lee's "Get On The Bus" ! (male lover included) So it might be fair to say: It takes one to know one.
Huh ?" Hillary Swank played a man and won an Oscar for it. Does that mean she is one? Dustin Hoffman played a woman. Does that mean he is one? Anthony Hopkins played a serial killer. Does that mean he is one? These are actors. Hopefully they can inhabit a character very different from themselves. (By the way, Isaiah is spelled like this.)


Margo, You said: "I truly believe that Washington did make that comment and it was out of line....T.R. does not appear to be the kind of person that would make something like that up!! " So you are saying that Isaiah does appear to be the kind of person who would call a cast mate a faggot and then lie about it? Because I have to tell you he sounded very sincere in his interview with Access Hollywood after the Golden Globes when he said he would never, ever do that. I think they are both telling the truth from their perspective. Isaiah wasn't addressing TR. He was not calling him a homophobic slur. If you are to believe TR, Isaiah may have used the word in anger during his argument with Patrick. That does not mean he called TR that word or set out to in anyway hurt TR. In Isaiah's mind, if not in yours, he sees a difference. He was not talking to TR at all, didn't know he was around, would never knowingly have hurt him in that way. Does that excuse using the word? No. Should he have used the word again on Monday night? No. But I have to ask you, have you ever heard that word used by people that you would not call homophobic? Say, two straight men playfully calling each other a faggot? Or, have you heard the word used in anger by two straight men thinking that it is a epithet that will wound the other person by insulting their manhood. At the same time these same men would never insult a person by calling someone who actually is gay a faggot. While the word is uncalled for and rude, depending on the circumstance it is not horrific and unforgiveable. I work with several gay men and asked for their reaction to Isaiah's statements after the GG win. Not one of them took offense at Isaiah saying he did not call TR a faggot. To them he was trying to set the record straight. It was a complete overreaction for TR to have to be restrained from leaving the stage as one reporter commented (of course we don't know if it was true). Or for Katie to say she would "take you out", I assume addressing Isaiah, (gosh, does this sound at all like trailer girl Izzie) if he hurt TR even though, by her own admission, she didn't know if TR was hurt by the comment. Until Isaiah can see that even if he did not call TR that word to his face, if he used the word during his argument with Patrick it was offensive to TR. If they can not come to an agreement about what even happened, they will have a difficult time resolving it. TR needs to understand that even if Isaiah used that word in anger duirng the argument with Patrick, it was not intended as a personal affront to him. By that I mean, it did not represent what Isaiah thinks about TR or the regard with which he holds him. They need to work it out without all of the outside pressure by all of us who think we know what happened and don't choosing sides. Or by Katie Heigl, who told Ellen last time that she didn't see what happened and wasn't there. So she is responding negatively towards Isaiah for hurting TR without knowing whether or not he should have been hurt at all by what was said. Does that make sense? If we love this show, we need to stop taking sides and let them figure out how to mend the riff.


Hey, Shelby. You made the statement: "I love Katherine Heigl she will do anything to make sure a fellow cast mate is not hurt" Do you think Isaiah was hurt by her comments? Is he not her fellow-cast mate also? I think Katherine Heigl believes TR Knight is not adult enough to handle his own problems. She should back off and let TR address the issue as he did today on Ellen. Her temper and off the cuff remarks were as hurtful as anything Isaiah said in his own defense. I am not a fan of KH. I think she is also a loose cannon. Did she lie on Ellen right after the incident in October when she said it was just a testosterone thing and that everything was fine? Is she a liar? I don't hear anyone calling for her firing because she insulted a cast member on national television by saying she would "take him hout" and lied about the incident on the Ellen show. I love Burke. I enjoy Isaiah and TR's performances on GA. But the whole thing is devisive. It is causing all of us to take sides. They all need to address it openly and honestly and then move on or it cannot help but hurt the show in the long run. If any of the characters are lost because the actors are either too volatile or too thin skinned it would be disasterous for the show in my opinion. Katie butt out. TR grow up. Isaiah shut up.


on a light note, i love that katherine and TR are as good of friends off screens as their characters on screen are! it's cool!


Why go back to grade school when I can read some of these post and feel like I there. I don't know if he made it up on not, but if he came around the corner, did he hear everything. Did he add things he thought were said. And, why did he decide to talk now. It couldn't have been what happened at the GG, because IW was trying to soothe the situation, not calll him a name. It may not have come out the right way, but his intentions was to soothe the situation, even KH admitted to that. They even interviewed KH and asked her if he [TR] was hurt, she stated she didn't know, but yet she went on to speculate. I still feel that had she not made that statment, things would have been very different. Why stir up problems. She even when on to say that she thinks they can work it out because their family. I think she's just a bit fickle, and also think the reason he said the things that he did was because she was upset.


Please, enough is enough....I truly believe that Washington did make that comment and it was out of line...(go back to grade school you need to learn a few things) T.R. does not appear to be the kind of person that would make something like that up!! Why would he??? He hadn't even come out yet!! If Washington makes another statement on this again he should be let go from the show. Ignorance is not exceptable on T.V. or in real life.


No, it only goes to show that he's not homophobic. Because if he felt that strongly about it, it wouldn't have done it.


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