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Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest XXXVIII

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Monday, January 15, was a national holiday, but at the Insider, that wasn't about to derail our Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest. Especially as we awaited Part II of the previous week's thrilling episode, "Six Days."

We received 57 replies to the image below and are proud to announce the winner: LoveGreys. It was the very first entry we received and none could quite top it, although a lot of you sent in terrific ones and came close. The winning entry appears beneath the image.

Check out the list of captions we received by scrolling down the page. Good luck this coming week, and thank you for making the Insider the best Grey's Anatomy site on the web!

Here's this week's Caption Contest image:

Miranda & Callie

"He helped me birth my baby and he can help you birth yours, too!"

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    Callie- " im just going to see addison..."
    Bailey-" why?.........." (stares her down)
    Callie- " damn you're good, i need to know where she went to abort Marks baby... i kind of......
    Bailey-"Excuse me?"




    Callie: I was wondering if you could get a consult on a patient of mine.
    Callie: (Staring Bailey down)
    Bailey: Just because I taught you the stare doesn't mean it works on me.
    Callie: (keeps staring)
    Bailey: Now get out of my way or I will hurt you


    Please stop staring at me like that. I have something on my face?


    That is one big zit on your forehead Bailey!


    Oh no you didn't sleep with him too! Did you?


    "You sleep with MY intern, then attempt out-staring me? Girl, you better run now.. 'cause I can take you."


    Bailey: You're in love with George but you slept with that jack-ass Sloan? Girl, I oughta slap them tiny little eyebrows right off your forehead.

    Callie: But, we were on a break


    Bailey: so you were dancing around in your underwear and there were no bills involved? did i not teach you anything? that show ain't free!


    "Do you seriously expect me to believe those are YOUR underwear?"

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