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Two proposals, one retirement, and a sex machine added up to a whole lot of drama at Seattle Grace on last week's "Great Expectations."

Meredith and Derek continue their recent drama with a mini-fight, complete with an apology. But it seems that they're both staying committed to each other, at least for the time being.

Miranda Bailey
Izzie decides to fund the free clinic that Bailey has contrived at such an opportune time.

It remains to be seen, however, how much this will affect her life as an intern, and if she will completely devote herself to doing good things with Denny's money.

It also remains to be seen what really inspired Bailey to open this clinic. But the Chief's vote of confidence in her will no doubt spur her forward and hopefully help to heal some of the self-doubt Burke imposed upon her.

The could-be-soon-to-be-open Chief of Surgery position has the otherwise calm, cool, and collected attendings acting like greedy children. Sloan, Montgomery, Burke, and Shepherd all throw their hats in the ring for a shot at Chief. However, not everyone is cut out to be the next chief.

While he appears to be talented (in many areas), Mark Sloan is just not fearless leader material. The entire hospital would no doubt stage a mutiny if he were chosen. Addison has potential, but she's emotional and she too easily gets wrapped up in patients' lives.

So that leaves Preston and Derek as the two main contenders. Both come complete with God-complexes, as well as questionable decisions in their respective pasts.

From a purely professional standpoint, Derek seems to be the clear choice, as he hasn't recently put dozens of patients' lives at risk on the operating table. However, Derek is a pushover, so until he gets a little more of a backbone, the choice is still up in the air.

On the flip side, if Adele really won't take Dr. Webber back, then maybe he won't retire after all. That would really throw a wrench in everyone's plans, although it would allow more time for Bailey to grow into the position, since she is the obvious choice.

Alex surprises Addison with the revelation that he's just not that into her. Maybe this is true, and maybe it's not. Either way, it's clear that Alex Karev has his sights set on a new career path.

However, since the chemistry is obviously there between the two of them, and since it seems they're going to be working in close proximity, it's really only a matter of time until something happens again.

Saving the best for last as usual, Burke's proposal to Cristina at the end of the episode was both shocking and romantic. But it seemed a little out of character for him. Wouldn't someone as composed and controlled as he is have planned out every detail of such an important step?

Like, maybe, having a ring? But that is what love does to people - makes them act on impulse.

Cristina's clearly shocked at his impulsive proposal. She was expecting a fight, and instead, Burke asked her to marry him. But she does love him in a transparent way that surprises even her. So of course she will accept his proposal. If she doesn't, she could lose him forever.

George gives us the other shock at the end of the episode, getting down on one knee in front of Callie. It's so George to do things the traditional way. But again, where's the ring? And why so hasty?

George and Callie have been back together for what, like, a week? For most of that time, they have been busy with the types of things that do not involve talking. And he's already spouting off to her how he can't live without her, and how much he loves her.

It's too sudden. He just lost his dad, and he clearly still needs to deal with that grief. Jumping head first into an engagement to Callie is a way for him not to have to deal with it right now. But sooner or later, it will show up. And if Callie's smart, she'll realize that and put things on hold for the moment.

Callie O'Malley?

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