Did Isaiah Washington Save His Job?

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Katherine and T.R.
Could the Grey skies be clearing in Hollywood? Sources say it looks as if they may be.

It was a close call, but Bill Zwecker of the Chicago Sun-Times, citing an inside source on the Grey's Anatomy production staff, reports that Isaiah Washington may have just barely saved himself from being fired over using a gay slur in reference to co-star T.R. Knight.

Since the incident, the embattled Grey's Anatomy star has ended his relationship with his longtime publicist, issued an apology, met with several leaders of the gay community and has hired a pair of damage control specialists, Allen Mayer and Kelly Mullens. Those consultants previously have helped Chicago's R. Kelly, Tommy Lee and Paula Poundstone when they faced serious image problems.

Even so, Grey's Anatomy star Kate Walsh told Extra at the Sundance Film Festival that the cast is still shaken by the incident.

"I really feel sad... I'm just saying my prayers... I don't know what is going to happen, I just trust that our show will deal with it in the way that they see fit," she said.

Then her co-star, Katherine Heigl (shown above, with Knight) chimed in.

"It's tense ... but I think it'll work out and I'm hopeful that it's handled properly," she said.

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I will make this short and sweet. If someone had used the "N" word, there is not a question in my mind that they would have been fired the very same day. You would think people who have been discriminagted against would think twice before opening their ignorant mouths. I find Mr. Washington's comments rude and worthless. I also have no interest in watching this show after hearing his comments. Unless he is off the show I will not tune in again. Many of my friends feel the same.


It's sad that this is happening at all. The show in some way is ruined for me now because everytime I watch it all I can think about is how Washington might lose his job. I hate to say this but the show isn't really going to be the same for me anymore. I wish that I was in the dark about this whole thing so that I would be able to just enjoy the show without thinking about this "fight."


I agree. The cast can work this out if the public would just butt out. These people are professionals.


These are some of the best and most rational posts on the net.... I am gay, and I know that people say things and sometimes people say things in the heat of battle... and the last time, the question was asked! Geez... let the show and characters live; and those who are stirring it up should be ignored!


It's sad but other people would love for this show to fall apart by keeping ugly things stirred up. I love the show and hope they can finally put this to rest for good. This is a very talented cast and work very well together.


This morning it suddenly crossed my mind that this "affair" must be pleasing all those other show producers that are jealous of GA's success so let's drop it and go on with our lives.
Each time in my life that something un-appropriate was said to me I learned (after the pain) to ignore and forgive. Indifference is the best defense in those moments believe me.


I know it was a shock to find out about T.R. Knight, although Isaiah should have left his comment to himself. Grey's Anatomy wouldn't be the same if Preston Burke wasn't there. In my opion I think that they should make up and keep making the best show on television continue to be the best show on television.


I agree with you completely, BB.


This whole thing has just gotten to be so sad for everyone who loves the show and the characters on it. I am sorry for everyone involved including the fans of the show who have taken sides. I agree with McNasty Social Worker that it doesn't help the onset chemistry to have one cast member publically taking sides over another. They all work together and according to Justin Chambers all get along well for the most part. Isaiah is taking steps to make amends and to prevent a reoccurrence. He is dealing with any issues he has. I love that cast members of "Everyone Hates Chris", who know him personally, have gone public in support of Isaiah saying that he is not only a talented actor but also a wonderful person. These are people with nothing to gain or lose by their endorsement of his character. I am so hopeful that they can work it out and we will not lose Burke and the wonderful, frustrating, crazy, and fascinating relationship that he has with Cristina on the show.


So, a person gets offended, another one steps to defend that person, and they are the "bad guys"?
No words, no words...


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