Grey's Anatomy Spoiler: Wedding News

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Our attitude towards spoilers is that they are purely speculative until proven otherwise, but Michael Ausiello of TV Guide claims that a pretty big bombshell will be dropped on Grey's Anatomy fans in upcoming months.

Earlier this fall, Shonda Rhimes hinted that a Grey's Anatomy wedding was in the works, and while no one will confirm it, one well-placed mole tells Ausiello that the identity of the engaged couple will be made during the February sweeps week: George and Callie.

Why do you suppose O'Callie - still broken up as of the last episode and struggling with myriad emotional issues - would rush into wedded bliss so quickly? We'll have to see if this rumor holds up. Regardless, it's always fun to ponder... and these two certainly made a cute couple.

Soon to be Engaged?

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really? i heard it was going to be an Addek wedding flashback.


What about Burke and Christina? I totally agree that George and Callie make a really weird couple, and they should definately not get married.


I agree with those who previously wrote that it would be unrealistic to have Callie and George marry. He doesn't even really like her right now. How does that go from luke warm to marriage in one season when we have had Burke and Cristina living together for two? I like George, well most of the time, not lately. Callie's character is too abrasive for me. I really hated that she was dancing around in her underware in the hospital and didn't even put clothes on when the chief accidently found her, not to mention the peeing in front of Izzie and Meredith scene. Gross. They just don't seem to fit for me either. But, like you say, opposites attract. Sometimes. And, I have liked her better with George's dad and family. I think Adele is going to be the one who dies so that would eliminate the Chief from the marriage possbilities unless he married poor Ellis and I don't see that happening. The only ones that make sense to me to marry this season are Derek and Meredith or my personal choice, Burke and Cristina. How often are the spoilers right?


It's going to be Derek and Meredith.


Not sure how I feel about this, George hasn't even said that he loves Callie yet but if the potential marriage is to be revealed in February, there is time yet for him to tell her. He did seem to reconcile with her during the last new episode. I think Callie is good for George, she sees something in him that no one else does. I do agree however that on screen, they don't quite have the chemistry of Derek and Meredith or any of the other couples on the show.


I have a hard time seeing this one happening. But it is GA and Shonda and her staff can create some very interesting story lines. We will just have to wait and see. However Callie is stuff but I don't think she is reall all that mature.


I disagree with this spoiler and I so don't want this to happen. I don't think that they match well together and I agree with Vee and purplemerder... bring back Oliva. They were cute together despite the whole syph thing. If anyone on the show should get married it should be the chief and his wife renewing their vowls or Joe and his boyfriend(even though the spoiler said it's two main characters and techinally joe really isn't a main character). I would like to see Addison and Mark get married but that'll only happen in my dreams and plus it would be to soon. The last time I checked, Mark and Addison weren't even really talking or enjoying the sight of each other. Maybe he looks forward to seeing her but you can tell she doesn't.


I am with your Vee............bring back Oliva.......


I love it!!! Hope it's true. Callie is a tough b*tch exactly what George needs. Opposites attract!

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