Grey's Anatomy Spoiler: Wedding News

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Our attitude towards spoilers is that they are purely speculative until proven otherwise, but Michael Ausiello of TV Guide claims that a pretty big bombshell will be dropped on Grey's Anatomy fans in upcoming months.

Earlier this fall, Shonda Rhimes hinted that a Grey's Anatomy wedding was in the works, and while no one will confirm it, one well-placed mole tells Ausiello that the identity of the engaged couple will be made during the February sweeps week: George and Callie.

Why do you suppose O'Callie - still broken up as of the last episode and struggling with myriad emotional issues - would rush into wedded bliss so quickly? We'll have to see if this rumor holds up. Regardless, it's always fun to ponder... and these two certainly made a cute couple.

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or maybeee callie's pregnant.


I think the perosn we thought was dead and comming back is DENNY?
It will explain the up comming wedding!


Hi Karen, I agree. I miss the lighter more comical moments. The tension is very high this year in part due to the Burke tremor and the secret. I part due to George's father's condition and Izzy healing after Denny's death, and Ellis's devastation at Richard leaving her once again (at least in her mind). It is good that Meredith and Derek are back together, but it doesn't seem like anyone else is particularly happy.


I don't think its going to be George and Callie. I hop its Meredith and Derek they make a very cute couple and really luv each other.


i hope to the GA gods that this isn't true...i would much rather have an addek flashback than this. they are soo weird together. i am probably totally off on this but neither mark or addison are yet signed to this season, so i can see addy getting pregnant and marrying mark and them moving back to ny, but i doubt it.


I agree. I just don't think O'Mailey and Torres are rushing down to the Alter anytime soon... I think if there is going to be a wedding at all, it is going to be Burke and Cristina's. Come on, they are by far the most reliable couple in the show. You just know these two are wildly attracted to each other. They are both very passionate and they really love each other... but i think if a wedding is taking place, it won't be the classic romantic will be comedical if anything 2 mothers scoring it off, maybe Dr Yang tries to be the run-away bride? wedding in the OR, who knows? I feel that with the recent episodes, the show has become too dramatic and heavy....i want some light elements back


Here's hoping it's the Chief and Adele. They are the most logical choice.


Seriously Susan I hope you're right. I want my MerDer wedding! But if that doesn't happen, the only other pleasant option would be Burke and Christina. I hope it's not George and Callie. I can't stand Callie most of the time and George hasn't even told her that he loves her yet.


OMG, I really hope this rumor isn't true. I can't say that I really truly hate any character/pairing/etc on this show, but if I had to pick a least favorite couple, it'd be George and Callie. I agree that Callie brings out some qualities that would otherwise never be seen in George--she pushes him to step up to the plate--but sometimes it's too much. Plus, Callie is a brat, to put it nicely. "Why won't you say 'I love you' back?! I said it to you!!!" "Why can't I move in with you?!" "Why won't you come to the hotel?!" "It's always Meredith or Izzie, never me!" Whine, growl, complain, hiss, etc. She's had her good moments (ie she was pretty nice to George's family) --then, just as I think maybe she's not so bad after all, she goes back to the stubborn brat. I don't wish she wasn't on the show or anything--Sara Ramirez portrays Callie very well and her character adds a lot to the show. Just please, don't marry off her and George. Seriously.


It would be a real rip off if the promised wedding is nothing more than a flashback. If there is going to be a wedding it really ought to be one of the primary couples like Burke and Cristina or Derek and Meredith. They have had long standing relationships, granted with ups and downs, but the love has been there for three seasons. Why would the writers have anyone else marry? I guess we'll just have to trust them that there is a good story in there somewhere if it turns out to be George and Callie.

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