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Starting with Meredith.I liked her as bright and shiny,it just may be a little too much too soon.I think she needs to tone it down a bit,and let it go from there.

Now on to Izzie and Alex.I think that they just need to say friends right now and keep their space,and if Alex is going to have a relationship with Addison,so be it.This might cause Izzie to get a little jealous and want Alex even more.But whenever that relationship ends,Izzie and Alex will be closer to being more than friends once more.

Next is Burketina.I think Burke will come out with the truth,but who knows when? It could be this week for all we know.I think they will confide in George though,seeing as they let him live in their house.There is just a special relationship there.Christina probably won't approve of confiding in George in this or exposing the truth.But it will come out.

And last is Mr. O'Malley. Sadly,no matter how much I don't want him to and how this is going to make me cry when he does,I think he is going 2 die.Even if he does make it through the valve replacement surgery,the cancer will get him.But you all saw the preview on Oprah for next Thursday (OMG IT WAS SOOO UNBELIEVABLE!!!) you saw all the blood,you saw her going down the hall,either she killed him and was going to tell his family,or she reallly really REALLY messed up and got scared and fleed leaving the others and Burke to deal with it.There is no way he is going to make it.That would truely have to be a miralce.This is going to kill George and push things even further back with him and Callie but also making him closer to Izzie and maybe even Meredith.He might not even be able to ever forgive Christina if she really does end up killing him.Like someone said up there,she is an intern,she is going to screw up some time or later,and it looks like the time is now.Not even all her degrees can save her.


i dunno, i guess if alex and izzie and go at it, then maybe it will work ;0


I think Alex and Izzy are ment to be together. I mean I think Izzy does love Alex, but after everything that has happened with Denny. He needs to back off and give her some time to get over him. Plus it would be disrespectful to Denny at the most part. Also it would be flat out creepy for Addision and Alex to sleep together. Plus the show would be way innapropriate for all the attendings to sleep with theinterns. It is like teachers sleeping with there students, no wait that is what is happening.


Watched Oprah on Friday afternoon. It was good to see her talk to all of the characters. Ellen's boyfriend must really be jealous by the way Ellen acted, especially about the tub scene with Patrick on Thursday nights episode. Ellen and Patrick are great together and you know she enjoys playing the part with Patrick, but she said she didn't really want her boyfriend to see that scene. She did admit that her and Patrick have great chemistry together! Patrick just always seems so at ease when he is asked questions about MER/Der as a couple where Ellen acts alittle hesitate to comment. (Maybe I misread something) Patrick was smiling and winking @ Ellen and says he is glad they are back together as a couple! Acting his normal charming self!


Can we have Meredith somewhere in between? Bright and shiny was way too weird and unnatural and dark and twisty is unnecessary now that Derek is back in her life and her bed as it appears next week!

I have to say, although I know I'm in the minority, I hope Alex does NOT sleep w/Addison. Can we have one attending who is not sleeping w/an intern??


I think Izzy and Alex belong together---he has been crazy about her since day 1--the show should delve a little into his screwed up background. His friendship with Izzy & the others has helped him develop loving relationships--obviously something that was not taught to him at home!!
However, I agree that there's something there between Addison & Alex. It would be poetic justice that McSteamy would lose out to Alex for Addison's affection. I also think it would make Alex more attractive to Izzy (she could feel the pang of jealousy) if she saw another competent ,capable, loving woman form an attachment to him. Not to mention the sex would probably be great!!!!after the relationship ran its course, izzy and alex could finally get their timing down and end up happy together!!!!! also, there needs to be an episode where he is offered casual sex, but because of his affection/love for/commitment to (someone??addison or izzie)--he says no (that would be a first).its about time good won out over evil, huh?


I saw that promo on Oprah, and I think all that blood on Cristina was Mr. O'Malley's. I don't think Mr. O'Malley is even going to survive next week's episode.

If Alex and Izzy are to happen, it won't be until after Alex and Addison, which I called to all my friends last spring when she "owned his ass" on gyne squad. (Sorry for gloating, I just saw that one coming.) Actually, I loved Alex and Izzy together this week. They still have their chemistry, and if they go through a long period of friendship, it will only help any future romance between them. Alex was awesome this week, but I'm biased, he's always been my favorite.

I'm with McCritic - I like Meredith is best quiet and hidden.


Izzie and alex seems to get along better when they are just friends. Don't think they will be a couple again. Izzie still has DENNY written all over her face!

I think George's dad is going to make it considering what i've seen in the previews of the next episode. Dr Hahn will be doing the operation i think.
If that is really going to happen next week, Burke's ego will be bruised. And i really think Burke should admit about the problems with his hands. He and Christina are a team no doubt but we still cannot ignore the fact that Christina is still just an intern. She'll screw up sooner or later.

About Meridith, i prefer her bright and shiny because this means that she is back with McDreamy. I hope the MerDer fans will get some of the great moments between them like those of season one!


Yes I saw the promo it was unreal!!!!!!!!!!


First, Izzie and Alex, I really think they will find their way back together if Addison doesn't get in the way. She is kind of attracted to Alex, too. I really love the friendship that is developing between Alex and Izzie, though, and am rooting for them to be together. It will just take more time for Izzie to get over Denny.

I really hope George's dad makes it through the surgery for everyone's sake. Whether he will get over the cancer, I don't know. It doesn't look good. I wonder if we will ever meet George's mom. I am kind of curious about what she looks like.

I am really hoping that Burke admits to his problem with the hand before anyone dies. He is a good and honorable person and I don't want him to be forced to admit to it. I want him to realize it is the right thing to do.

I like Meredith bright and shiny, but I also like her dark and twisty. I think it is hard to stay bright and shiny all of the time. No one is more bright and shiny that Izzie and even she was brought down to the depths of dispair. Meredith is just human. She has up days and down days. I think Derek will help her be bright and shiny more often.

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