Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest XXXI

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This week proved yet another extremely difficult Caption Contest. At least as far as picking the winner. Since there was a prize up for grabs once again, fans brought their A games... not to mention some jokes about rods and other fishing humor, references to George Clooney, and even a blatant plea for a free CD (nice try, Sarah)!

Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest XXXI
We've looked over the list of entries, and determined that Kimmy is the winner by the slimmest of margins. Nice job! Contact us at to claim your prize as soon as you can!

Kimmy has won a copy of Joe Purdy's album, Julie Blue (right), which has a pair of songs heard on Grey's Anatomy, "I Love the Rain" and "Far Away Blues." Due to popular demand, we are giving away one more copy this week as well. So get cracking!

You can read the winning caption below the image, and scroll down the page to read all 64 entries we received. Thanks to all who participated, because all of the captions we got really are great. We appreciate it, and wish you the best of luck again this week!

Here's this week's Caption Contest image...

A River Runs Through It

"The pig and the chicken, it’s like the fish and the worm: the worm is involved ... wait, the fish is ... no, that’s not right. Maybe that analogy doesn’t work. I thought I had that, seriously!"

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Chief: Yeah, this whole, hunting, fishing, camping thing, fresh air, yeah, this is just great. Anybody got a porterhouse steak, a good Chardonnay and a 50 inch plasma hid away in your tent somewhere?


Derek: I don't know, I kind of like this whole "testosterone" thing. No estrogen around to muck up the fishing....or my HEAD!


Derek: "Clooney. They pick Clooney. I don't get it...I've got the hair, the wildly popular tv show and killer eyes. And they pick Clooney."


Chief: "Good God....did I really say 'man love' back there?"


Derek: Which one of you farted? That is just McNasty!


Chief: "hey guys this water is cold." Derek: "and DEEP"


George: "Hey guys, this water is really cold."
Derek: "and DEEP."


Burke: Cheif, look at Derek's rod. That's what makes a man. Handsome with a big good looking rod. That's how it's done!!!


derek: Fish and Women. Had i avoided fishing off the Hospitals pier, my life would be simple. Simple like the lives of the fish in this river. Burke: Simple's not all its cracked up to be. Sometimes it doesn't matter which pier you choose, but what fish chooses you. And as you know, once a fish bites, its hard to unwind the reel and let it go. Preston: Well I choose simple. Derek's right on this one. Seattle Grace has too many fish, and we all have enough on land to make for a simple life. Now we are all alone, in the woods, fishing for who knows what.


I'm fishing it, Burke's cleaning it and the chief is gonna cook it!

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