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I think Izzie really liked Alex to begin with and thought they had a chance at being more than friends with privileges. But he was going through that period of self doubt right after he found out he had failed his board exams and was having some sexual problems. Then he slept with Olivia to prove to himself that he was still manly and Izzie caught them together which completely changed their relationship. He fell for her even harder after she walked away, but when she came back it was chnaged for her. I think then she only liked him for the sex. Now, they are starting over by becoming friends and I think that is the best place to start.


I agree with you about Alex...I am loving him right now. he was so annoying in season 1 and the first half of season 2 but now he is growing so much...I do want to see him with Addison and I would like them to be in a longterm relationship. they both deserve someone to be into them with no other baggage. If they do get together I don't want it to be a fling.. I love alex and izzie together but i think izzie needs to be alone right now and figure out her life...i would love to see her and alex be close friends i would love to see his character in that situation. All they really were was sex last time anyway...they should be close friends for the rest of the season and then maybe make a cliff hanger for the season finally about them being together.


I hope you are wrong about Der/Mer being destined for impending doom---good gawd they've only been together for what, 2 minutes and 45 seconds? LOL But, seriously, let the doom fall on someone else's doorstep for a change, these two need some togetherness minus the drama, if only for a while. Give them and us a good dose of the passion and romance we saw in season 1. I think the foreshadowing going on involves the whole Burketina/George's dad storyline.

As for Callie and George, I'm just not feeling it for the two of them anymore. George is a very sensitive guy as we all know. I think what she did (sleeping w/Sloan like 5 minutes after they broke up) may just be too much for him to deal with and recover from right now, especially now that he's reeling from his dad's situation and the fact that Burke is hiding his ailment.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, my favorite character right now is Alex. I'm loving what we're seeing from him lately. A lot of maturity has taken place over the past season. It speaks volumes that he can move past Izzie's rejection and still be there for her as a friend. He's come a long way baby! I can't wait to see where he's going! I hope it's not to Addison though, unless they plan on making them a long-term couple. I don't think a fling is the best idea for either one of them or their reputations right now.

I've seen the promo about a hundred times for thursday and more and more I keep thinking Cristina's bloody mess is a dream sequence, or should I say nightmare for her. I just don't think she'd be wandering the halls covered in blood like that. I think it's her guilty conscience speaking and warning her of what could happen if she continues the charade with Burke. At least I hope that's what's going on. We'll find out soon enough!

As for Addison, I think she needs to keep a low profile for now, get herself and her emotions under control. Steer clear of Der/Mer and get back to the strong, confident woman introduced to us at the end of season 1. Enough of the wimpy sappy Addi! Time to put on her big girl panties and deal with it!

And thursday's "extended" episode is only giving us an extra 10 minutes---what a tease! But I'll take what I can get cause it's never enough!


It's Meredith/Derek time.
They will stay together for many episodes.

ITA with you about the first scene.

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